Weekly Journal - Remember November

Hi everyone,  

Another week has gone by and the team is still hard at work on the next update. Finalising this is taking longer than expected, as we’re still getting to grips with some of the ins and outs of the new quest/save systems.  

As a result, this is another small update. However, to give you an idea, we have fixed around 420 issues over the past couple of months, many of which you guys have never seen! So, we’re getting there. Also, as a quick heads up, when we do release the update it will be accompanied by an explanation video, and we’d love to get feedback on it when it arrives.

Art Team  


This week I've been juggling between many tasks!  

I've been creating a new material which allows us to create virtually infinite color combinations for patterns using very little textures, thus saving memory. This converts to faster load times for you guys!  

I've kitbashed a door for the Fine Cuisine encounter.  

I've also been laying out and lighting a new store (The Apothecary) for the Village, where players will be able to buy the weirdest of drugs. In the process, I created new corner modular office pieces that will prove useful in the long run.  

I did a modular set of scaffoldings for use throughout the game.  

We now have a new member as part of the environment team! Guillaume has come to join us to work on the environment art of the game. I've been spending some time with him installing software, answering questions and teaching him about various things like how our source-control software functions. 

On the side, I've also started to think of a system where we can effortlessly organize files between artists. This would provide us security with off-site backups and ease of use. Right now, we all have our separate folders and it's becoming more and more messy as the team grows.   

I also helped Valentino with multiple sound collisions issues and figured out what we have to do to fix some of the most obvious sound bugs in the future. That's it for my week! Happy remembrance day everyone :)


Hi, I'm Guillaume the new environment artist from Belgium!

This week has been pretty busy catching up with Emmanuel and Marc-André's workflow but I managed to finish this cannon that will be placed in the Garden District.

Animation Team


Hey everyone! The beginning of this week was still about fixing some bugs and testing the game, making sure every fix we make truly works in the build. For the rest of the week I had to go back to rigging! I wish I could show you guys what character I’m rigging, but he is part of the narrative, so that means it’s top secret! I’m still making some videos of my workflow and hopefully I’ll be able to show you what I’ve been working on once the story is out.

In the meantime, enjoy our video of the few animations we were able to accumulate from the past few weeks. Have a good weekend!


Thank for tuning in!

Compulsion Team


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