Two New Team Members


Back in January, two new members joined the Compulsion Games team. At least one of them has been pretty visible, but we wanted to make sure to give them a proper introduction.

We would like to introduce to you Rémi, our newest Animator, and Naila, our new Community Developer! Yay!


In his youth, Rémi was known as The Dread Captain Rémi, the nicest, friendliest pirate ever to cruise the Saint Laurent. However, the wi-fi connection was worse than the scurvy, and so he gave up the peg leg and parrot. In homage to his past, he spends his downtime cultivating magnificent natural beard formations in his native land of Les Cèdres.


In the dense jungles of the Internet, somewhere between reddit, twitter and other places I dare not mention, is Naila. Existing since before the dawn of the Internet, no one is safe from her multilingual gif repository. Likes cosplay, languages, and inappropriate dad jokes, but dislikes long walks on the beach and Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On".

Welcome guys!


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