Weekly Update - Short but sweet update!

Hey everyone!  

This week's update will be shorter than usual as most of the team is working on secret content for Early Access :)

Since we are getting closer to the Early Access launch (date yet to be announced but we promise, it will be soon) we wanted to clear up a few things:

  • All the backers who bought the game will receive a code for Early Access. Those that are already playing pre-alpha, you are good to go once the Early Access update rolls out. 
  • The last update was the PAX demo and the next one will be the full Early Access launch. We hate going that long without putting out an update and we apologies but for Early Access we are pulling out the big guns, we need all the time and focus we can get! 

Art Team  


This week I spent most of my time working on the level art of a very secret and mysterious location you guys will be able to discover once Early Access is out. I also worked on improving the visual aesthetics of some of our existing assets such as the lead pipes.

Animation Team


As a parting gift before his road trip, Vincent left us this lovely animation


Design Team


This week I worked on a new level, a house that’s filled with old ladies:

The house is also packed with highly dangerous security systems so you better be nice to them xD

Narrative Team  


Along with all the dialog, we have been secretly recording songs. It turns out Bobbies sing when they’re lonely. So do Wastrels. So do some other fellows you haven’t met. Here are a couple of the songs you might hear in upcoming builds...

 Thank you for tuning in!



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