Weekly Update - All about Encounters Update

Hey everyone, 

 A short update as everybody is focusing on in-game encounters. We’re busy improving the existing and adding new content everyday to make sure you all have fun when we finally release the game. 

Stay tuned for bigger updates to come! 

Design Team 


Lots of stuff this week! Keyword is (again): Encounters! We want to be able to get as much content ready as we can for Early Access and that means revisiting all our previous unfinished encounters and making sure all these little details are in. That means pestering everyone else to get everything we are waiting for! And we still have to implement it and make it work correctly, too. 

Oh, and new ones too. They are not always big and crazy with dozens of NPCs with dozen of voice overs and animations. We also managed to do a few new simple encounters. With the new world generation system, we can mark some encounters as “optional”, so you may, or not, stumble upon them in your game. That way you’ll get more of a unique experience for each playthrough. 

I finally got around to adding some traps to the Garden District 2 Houses, actually putting together the models Warren made a while ago for the Tripwire Tin Can Alarms and fixing a bug or two. Now if these Wastrels would only stop setting off their own traps... 

Next week is going to be all about ironing out as much bugs as possible, but you know what? I am very excited to actually play the game myself since we added so much content! 

I’ll leave you with a little tease: you liked the PAX demo right? It had 4 encounters. But in our build we are making you guys right now… we are up to… MORE THAN 30! ...and more to come in the coming weeks also. :D 


This week I worked on finalizing some more levels, including one with a swaggy Wastrel in it (sorry for the low-res image): 

 An another one that’s got a kind of ghost in it ??? I’m not too sure, I’ll let you guys find out: 

Art Team 


This week has been an onslaught of signs, signs, and more signs. This little guy continues to be put through the wringer, the poor dear. 

Animation Team 


Hehey ! We’re still going strong on encounters animation, here’s a little sample: two funny ones I did this week ! 

 And that's all for this week! Thanks for tuning in!


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