Weekly Update - Last update before PAX East 2016

Hey everyone!

As you know we are gearing ourselves up for PAX East 2016. Things are going very well, everybody is putting their blood, sweat and tears into the PAX demo, so we hope that you’ll enjoy it! 

Here is where we will be located at PAX:

Also here is a little teaser of the PAX demo:

Attention cosplayers!

If you or a friend is planning on cosplaying from Contrast or We Happy Few at PAX, please come by our booth so we can take pictures! We have a limited number of signed posters available, which we’ll be giving away to the cosplayers :)

Art Team  


This here is the house of Johnny Bolton, aka, The Hermit. Johnny clearly thinks he's someone special.

Don't get in the way of the Jubilator unless you want a face full of Joy! Doesn't sound so bad actually.


This week, I did some quick prop modifications and optimised grass levels of detail by adding geometry to cut down chunks of masked area, thus saving processing power. I also started working on level art and lighting for PAX. I worked on the Stonehenge encounter and something special you guys will see soon!

Design Team


This week I’ve worked on the demo we’re gonna be showing at PAX East next week!

In this encounter you find important object for crossing the bridge to the next island. It can be completed in several ways!

I also had a bit of time to work on a new encounter that’s going to come some time later :P

Bug Showcase  

Twas the night before Christmas

New combat system combo (just kiddin’)

Community Showcase  

Contrast cosplay by Sladkoslava and Mioko_Sama

Art by Horrorshow

Screenshots taken in game by Nautilus

Wastrel Army by Iris_Lockspur

Thank you for tuning in!  



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