Weekly Update - Introducing the Bug Showcase

Hey everyone!

This week we are adding a new section to the Weekly, the Bug Showcase. This will basically be a joke section where we put some of the best bugs we encounter each week, alongside the development of We Happy Few.

Art Team


We’ve been coming up with creative ways to trap/discourage people. I’m not even joking. First up are the Tesla Coil traps. These are designed to lurk in various locations around the game world. Some are large and sit outside. Some hide in the ceiling. Some are mounted to TV screens. All very sneaky and leave a nasty mark.

The sequence of lights tells you when you’re about to have a problem:

We also wanted a way to keep unwanted visitors out of certain rooms. Stick one of these bad boys over your doorknob and even the most persistent salesman will think twice:

Finally, the control panel. Looks complicated but a well placed trap disarm tool should flip the odds in your favor.

Watch your back!


This week I've been working on back gardens layouts, retouching some textures. I also started doing some cleaning around to fix some bugs and replace some old models which were still in the game by newer versions.


I’ve been finishing the exterior modular building pieces, retexturing the ugly old rubble pile and making an interior wall variation for the Garden District.

Animation Team


Hello guys, this week was quite a short week since we had an awesome animation masterclass on Tuesday, but I still managed to make some animations for the game!

I have made some animations for certain encounters which will be available in the next update. Basically it was providing animations for the level designers in order for them to finalise their work. I have also been working on certain tweaks, updates and bug fixes for characters throughout the week but unfortunately, nothing worth showing on that side…

So here are some “Crazy” animations for wastrels and a few others while interacting with the beloved Crier.

Design Team


This week I’ve been working on several new encounters for the game. They will be found in both the Garden District and the Village areas… here’s a sneak peak for 2 of them:

Bug Showcase

I clicked yes...But I’m still not feeling the booze

Rainbow Road


Have a great long Easter weekend everybody! May you indulge in lots of gaming and chocolates.

Compulsion Games


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