Weekly Update - The Ultraviolence pre-alpha update!

Hey everyone,

This week the team worked on the Ultraviolence pre-alpha update! This update contains a lot of new gameplay elements, weapons, drugs and gadgets. While the game world hasn’t drastically changed, these will really spice things up. While we’re putting the finishing touches on the build, you can read the build notes here.

Design team


Hello everyone. This week has been a real labour week: looking at lists, updating objects, placing sockets (to tweak the position of objects when picked up), fixing bugs, finding bugs, balancing loot lists, and back and forth between all of those things. So please, go and enjoy all these items! Gotta find ‘em all!

Animation team


Ahoy! These days I’m working on a scene with no less than 14 moving ‘things’ (characters, props, environment). The process to export all that in the engine began to get heavy, so I took some time to adapt an export script in Motionbuilder to our pipeline. Exporting everything in one click should speed up the whole thing for next time!


Hello everyone! I was on vacation for half of this week, but here’s an animation that I made yesterday! Luckily I will be focusing on gameplay animations for the upcoming weeks, which means I will be posting a lot more videos! So here’s the “Success” version of the gifting action for the Bobby and more “Drunk” animations are underway!

Art Team


Hi! You've never met me before, I know, but I'm one of the environment artists here. I've only been on the team a few months but it's been a great ride so far. I wanted to show off some of the meshes I've been working on lately. I specialize in hard surface stuff so these types of mechanical doo-dads tend to land on my plate. The art style of this game really meshes well with my brain so I have as much fun doing the textures as I do making the models themselves. Some are for hitting, some are for finding, and some are for ... curious purposes.


This week I have been back on tree duty to finish what had been started a few weeks back. All the trees but one have a finished sculpt and are assembled in game. Currently just working away on getting the textures in order. The shot in the image is of a WIP Oak tree.


This week I started worked on our first proper modular interior set for the Village so we can make infinite new layouts and new stories!


Thank you for tuning in!

Compulsion Team


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