Weekly Update - Lovely Update!

Hello everyone,

We hope that you had a pleasant week! We’ve had a busy one, as usual, and cannot wait for the weekend! This week we’ve been focusing on making sure that all of the pick ups (weapons, consumables,etc) are in the build in some shape or form, which means functionality, art, and integration into our loot spawning system. We hope you enjoy it - remember that if you have something that you’d like us to talk about, don’t be shy to pipe up!

Art Team  


I worked on a lot of different things this week! To start, I would like to present to you the most bad ass cricket bat I have ever seen. I have actually never seen a real life cricket bat but this is what I assume they look like:

I also experimented with transparent materials/shaders this week, to try and get some interesting looking glass. This is definitely not the world’s most drunk gin:


This week I've been working on optimisation and a bunch of props. Optimisation of art assets is really important to make sure that the game runs well, but it isn’t always very interesting. But the good news is, I also made all this stuff:

Design Team


Hey there! Just a few things this week, I did take a few days to go back to the never-ending intro and plug in more sounds and fix some sound issues as well as fixing some visual glitches that were happening when changing from gameplay to cinematics. It's just for a split second, but when you play it 20 times a day, it's nagging at you every time you see it! Feels especially satisfying to squash those irritating bugs. And we figured out a better workflow for sound integration because I ran out of pages in my notebook and lists were stacking up everywhere on my desk! Enough of that. I'm still not done with the infamous intro just yet, but I'll keep a day each week to go back and fix a few bugs, add a few sounds, etc.

When that was done, I went back to my encounters from last week and added all that was missing like adding conditions to clear the mapMarker for them, support progress in savegames, tweak AI’s reactions and behaviors and also making them look nice and give a unique feel to them.

Especially with the "Altar of the Yam". I started out with the already existing "TV altar", and it was a bit boring that they looked so much the same. I tried making a little story of why these Wastrels are fiercely protecting and worshipping this Yam. Here's a little picture! It was fun to look around and try to find props to my new friend, the "Couch God with the Yam". I'm sure we'll find something nice for her to wear, too. (Yes, that’s not a yam, but a giant potato. Still waiting for the yam model Emmanuel!!)


This week I worked on 2 missions that you’re gonna see at some point in the game! One is a creepy house filled with weird stuff, the other is an area filled with tripwires that explode. D:


Hello! Hope you beautiful people reading this are “tip top”! I’ve been polishing the traps system I mentioned last week and developing some new ones. I’ve also started doing some encounters! So excite! Here’s the only place in the world that produces apples for the people of Wellington Wells (which is why it’s fiercely guarded by Bobbies… beware!). Enjoy a few in editor pictures of this encounter below :). 

Animation Team


Ahoy! This week, apart from blocking out a cinematic and prepping the needed props for it, we had some urgent animations that had to be done for the next release!

Because there's no reason that only the player should get shocked and gassed, I quickly put together some status effects for NPCs. Here's the Shocked, Dancing and Coughing loops I did, plus the Running On Fire one that Rémi did as a bonus!  

The dance is a rough edited from mocap data from the famed free Carnegie Melon University database. As with all the cinematic work we didn’t have time to make a nicely keyframed dance… that’s sad, but maybe later… or at least improve this one a bit.  

Thank you for tuning in!  

Compulsion Team


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