Weekly Update - Story integration, spooky houses and 60’s music!

Hey everyone!

This week the team worked on integrating some story elements into the game, we finally have a build with some story cinematics! This is a huge milestone for the team and we are pretty happy about it :) We also continued to work on a new biome and various other fun things.
A lot of you have been curious about the soundtrack to the game. The full soundtrack is a work in progress, as you would expect, original songs all composed by Nicolas Marquis (who, among other games, was the composer on Contrast).
This week Nic wrote a very interesting blog post about his work on We Happy Few, and specifically his research into 60s musical styles and instruments

Gameplay Team  


More cinematic integration. All story events and logic for the main character are mostly done! It needs some fixes here and there, but it is all playable on our secret story map. That involved making all these special events spawn in the world, and making sure I hadn't forgotten anything in the story logic and of course a lot of testing.

I can't show anything, but it also means I can go back to encounters/scenarios/bridges soon!

Programming Team


We have started work on the next phase of the world generation system. We're focusing on better placements of buildings and making our filler building system more flexible. This way we will get more of the kinds of environments we want, where we want them. In particular, we want to be able to pack buildings in more tightly and work on creating more interesting areas behind the buildings themselves.

Art Team


This week I organized more assets, made spreadsheets, figured out priorities, discussed music, went to meetings, developed a few more props for the new biome, and continued developing some architecture and lexicons that are not ready to be shown...


Finally working on the new filler building system featuring all new awesome modular buildings. Better looking and faster to create as well!


This week I worked on some street lamps for the new biome.

Narrative Team


This week I recorded one of our few local actors, Noel Burton, who plays an important NPC role.

I revised the script for the opening, so now we’re set to record [secret actor] in it, as soon as we nail down the finale.

I’ve been working with megafan and budding voice actor Alice Kensington to provide barks for the Wastrellette - barks being some of the things they say while wandering around, or reacting to the player. Not actual barks!

I’ve edited some of the scenes for one of the playable characters. And I’m continuing to work on the script for one of the other playable characters.


That is all for us this week, have a great weekend everyone!

Compulsion Team


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