Weekly Update - Bringing life to Wellington Wells


Welcome to another edition of our weekly update. 

This week, like the last couple of weeks, we have been focusing on bringing life to Wellington Wells - eg making the NPCs do interesting things, rather than mill around aimlessly, along with a bunch of other changes. There are some super cool changes this week, and we’re excited to push them out to pre-alpha players in the middle of next week to see what you think. 

Gameplay Team


This week's focus was on the Village and making sure all the Wellies have plenty of things to do, such as:

  • Sweeping Wellies. Wellies that own a home will now sometimes go outside to sweep clean their stairs. 
  • Window shoppers. Wellies will stop at some shop's windows and stare at it for a bit. 
  • Chair and benches actions. Wellies will now read newspapers, drink coffee or just sit. 
  • Communal Gardens. These small garden maps will spawn here and there in the Village District, but it still needs a bit more work to account for terrain slopes. 
  • Village Square. A big park where Wellies can enjoy themselves. 

Also worked on Random Encounters for the Village: 

  • Bobby Investigation. A Wellie is laying dead while some Bobbies are investigating the crime scene. 
  • BBQ Party. These Wellies are just enjoying the sun and having a good lunch in a backyard. 
  • Game Stand: Shoot the Duck. There is a tent set-up where you can grab some rocks and aim for the moving Rubber Ducky. There are lots of prizes to win! 
  • Meat Errand boy. This clumsy Wellie is trying really hard to bring juicy V-Meat somewhere, but he keeps dropping the precious cargo. 

I did a bit of tweaking on the Begging Wastrels in the Garden District: you must now put whatever you want to give them in the active Quickslot instead of taking one item you might want to keep from your backpack. 

And finally, I did a small tweak for Joy so you don't need as much Joy to be "Joyed" and can now pop a pill more without overdosing.

Narrative Team


I did an interview and wrote articles for the in-game newspaper. Revised [redacted] playthrough and started editing [redacted] playthrough audio cutscenes.

Art Team  


This week I worked on a small filler building.


I’ve been working on some military props


This week I worked on the following props:

Programming Team


There wasn’t much in the way of exciting game work on my plate for the last two weeks.

Last week was mostly spent setting up an Xbox One to start working on that platform, and then preemptively flushing out some of the UI issues that come with the Xbox One having multiple controllers. The upside of this is that this also highlighted some issues using a controller on PC, especially if one happens to have more than one connected, so I fixed those issues as well.

Then, for this week, I took over web duties for a little bit and did a pass on polishing our forums and adding some functionality. Once our hosting team pushes those changes live, lots of minor annoyances should be gone and we’ll also have better tools to get rid of spam bots in a timely fashion.


I’ve worked on fixing and improving the AI systems to add more variety to the world (see Vince’s update), and integrated a few new sounds, especially the player character’s voice. The main character will now say a whole bunch more things when you greet Wellies or Wastrels. The voice system is a bit naive for the moment so you may find the lines are too frequent or repeat themselves a bit too much, or not actually enough. It’s ongoing, so feedback will be appreciated, as always.

Backer Kit reminder

We still have a sizeable number of people who haven’t answered their survey on Backer Kit. We use these surveys to make sure that everything is ready for sending out rewards, so we need you to fill them out!

Make sure to check your spam folders, and if it isn’t there, please search for “Backer Kit” using the search bar inside your email application. The emails were sent to the same email you used for pledging on Kickstarter.

Windows 10 and the pre-alpha

As a quick note about Windows 10: pre-alpha players may experience random crashes/performance issues if you upgrade to Windows 10. This is due to Windows 10 display drivers not being quite ready yet for primetime. The game will run for most people, but please be aware that it might be a little while before Windows 10 players are at parity with Win 7/8.

Have a great weekend!  

Compulsion Team


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