Weekly Update - Gamescom, Xbox One, New Update

Happy Friday everyone!

We have quite a few things for you this week.

Gamescom and New Update

This week we posted a blog post posted announcing we were coming to Xbox One. We also released a new update for the pre-alpha on Steam.

The build matches the build we are showcasing at Gamescom right now on Xbox One.

We have listened to your feedback about the game being too easy. In this update we have focused on player progression and optimization, and the changes we have made are going to make a lot of you rethink your strategies. If you feel adventurous and up to the challenge, do not read the build notes...! ;)

You can read all the changes here.

Weekly Update

Programming Team


The past weeks have seen a lot of work going into our Xbox One support and getting a demo together for Gamescom, which we haven't been able to talk about much for what should now be obvious reasons.

This kind of work will often drive you to go back and revisit many of the decisions you have made to this point. This in turn will lead to frequent shrieks of "WHAT WAS I THINKING?" and will help you identify problems that you thought were more or less solved, but turn out to require a little more attention.

The good news, is that this work helps everyone - regardless of what platform they are playing the game on. A lot of the work we're applying to the Xbox One version, is identifying areas where we could make improvements, especially for performance. Some of these improvements can already be seen in our recent pre-alpha PC builds, and there will definitely be more in the future.

Narrative Team


Hey everyone! it's been a while since we gave you an update on our animation work.

The reason of all these missing updates is mostly because we are working really hard on Cinematics and Narrative content. We do not want to spoil anything for you guys and want to make it the best Narrative experience possible! Also, Tuesday at Gamescom, you were able to see for the first time a video that I was working on for the past few weeks: The Gamescom Trailer!

I really hope that you liked it and I am very happy about the response that we got from it so far. Thank you for being such an awesome community, and I hope that I'll be able to give you some visual updates in the upcoming weeks!


This week I recorded 2 hours of [Actor]. Some of this should get into the game pretty soon

Gameplay Team


  • The Butcher now carries a meat cleaver as a weapon, which you can pick up and use. It has a very high chance of causing a bleeding status on opponents.
  • I made a lot of progress on adding new Wastrel beggars inside the Garden biomes. They will ask for different things and probably be thankful for it. We just need a custom animation and sound and voila! You can be all Robin Hood if that's your style (bless those poor Wastrel's souls that we keep beating up)
  • I also worked on integrating some very special secret encounters which require a lot of animation but shhh! That's a secret.

We also have some very interesting new gameplay elements listed in the build notes that we released yesterday.

Art Team 



Sam, Guillaume and Josh are currently at Gamescom while the rest of us are trying not to set the office on fire. Guillaume sent us a picture of two We Happy Few cosplayers that he met there, we couldn't believe how amazing they looked. Everyday we are truly baffled by the passion the community is showing us with your fan art, costumes, make-up, kind words etc...We couldn't be more grateful, thank you!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!



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