Weekly Update - Surveys and rainbows

Hello all,

Alright alright alright, it's been a big week in Wellington Wells!

BackerKit and Surveys

By now you should have received your BackerKit surveys! These replace the Kickstarter surveys, and help us figure out how to get you your rewards. If you haven’t received an email, please search your email for “BackerKit”, and you should find the invitation there. If not, please let us know!

For those of you still wondering how to claim your pre-alpha codes, you need to answer the survey and make sure all your information on your profile is valid. Once this is in order, you will be locked down and you will receive your code shortly. Do not panic if you don’t get it right away; we have to process this manually and it can take a few hours.

You guys have also asked us about the Contrast codes. They are on their way, but we are still waiting on backend access to this. As soon as we get them we will send them your way, again through BackerKit :)

Stretch Goal Update: Wellie Mode!

We are approximately CA$1000 away from Wellie mode! Hurray! Thank you everyone for your continued support.

Much of this recent push has been due to people upgrading their pledges on BackerKit, and new backers joining us. Thank you for helping spread the word, and welcome aboard to the new members of our community!

Weekly Update

As always, we’ve had a busy week in the studio. Here is what the team has been up to:

Narrative Team


I prepped some recording sessions with a couple of our main character voice actors. I also trimmed a main character’s playthrough scripts, as they were just a little bit unmanageable.

Finally, I wrote some text for abandoned German occupation signs and wrote in-game dialog for two of our main characters.

Emmanuel, Rémi and J.R. have been working on the secret project, which getting closer and closer to reality!

Art Team


I have been working on a new concept piece! I cannot show it in its entirety yet, but here is a snippet!

Marc-André (Our new artist! Introduction coming soon.)

I have been working on a filler building


I did a little bit of technical touching up this week - below are two shots of the top of the train station (that’s already in the build), which I’ve been quietly optimizing. 30k tris removed on each face this week, along with some other architectural improvements to the building!

Here’s a winch/crane contraption.

Programming Team


We upgraded the engine to Unreal Engine 4.8 this week, so I worked on fixing issues that it brought, especially with navigation. I also did some rework on the spawning system for AIs, and adjustments to the save game system, so that we have a better feel of persistence for the world.

Aka the “your bathtubs full of corpses now store the corpses when you save” update.

Gameplay Team


  • This week was a lot of work on a lot of things:- 
  • Did a bunch of tuning on weapons and the feel of combat. 
  • Read TONS of feedback on the forums to see where we need to be focusing our attention for tuning of systems/play experience. (Keep it coming! :D) 
  • Wrote document to outline all scenario, encounter, and challenge content currently in the game so Alex can write reaction dialogue from the player character. 
  • Organized meetings with key members of the team and worked with Deven to get the train station’s architecture and game play experience to where it needs to be. 
  • Worked with G and Sam to finalize our approach to our next milestone. 
  • Created design goals and strategies for Vince to implement and work out.   


We moved to Unreal Engine 4.8, so there were a few new bugs to fix in the build. Also, we noticed that loading a save game wasn't keeping track of map-specific NPCs (encounters, bridges, scenarios), and they would spawn again when reloading. So, I had to back into all the maps and use a different way to spawn the NPCs, so that they actually get saved in the save game data and they won't spawn back again.  

I also started a new scenario for the Garden District, and brainstormed a few ideas for new mechanical and futuristic traps to add challenge as you progress through the game.  

Finally, the [Censored] is now spawning in the game! It's massive, it's the most challenging encounter yet that leads to [Censored]. It's pretty simple for now, but I will be adding a lot of gameplay elements to it later. [Censored]!

Rainbows, we can't even.

No but really, it was this awesome!


Team Compulsion


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