Weekly Update - Pre-alpha recap and weekly development update

Hello all,

We have three things to update you on this week: a quick pre-alpha recap, BackerKit/surveys and our weekly development post.

Pre-alpha Recap

Last Friday we sent out the pre-alpha codes, and we have been working for the past week on making sure it is stable and running well. If you have pre-alpha access, we hope that you have been enjoying it! We’ve been receiving some fantastic feedback so far, and really appreciate the number of people who have signed up on our forum.

In particular, the crash reporting system has been working really well, and we’ve cut the number of crashes people have been experiencing drastically over the weekend. On Wednesday, we released update 6.2, which has fixed a lot of crashes, bugs and performance issues.

If the game hasn’t been running smoothly for you, please take a look at our updated minimum and recommended specs to make sure your computer is able to run the game.


As we mentioned last week, we will be using BackerKit to help us keep all of our Kickstarter backers and slacker backers all in the same place, to make sure we didn’t miss sending out anyone’s rewards. We have been working on our BackerKit page, it is now pretty much ready.

This means that we are likely to send out the surveys on Monday! You’ll get an invite to BackerKit, and inside that you’ll be able to choose which versions of the game you’d like, along with other rewards. You’ll also be able to enter and update your shipping address.

For those of you who have pledged on BackerKit already, it is normal that you haven’t yet received your code, as we are still setting up the backend. However, you will receive them shortly. From now on, any new backers that pledge to the pre-alpha level on BackerKit will receive their codes right away :)

Weekly Update

Here is what the team has been up to this week:

Programming Team


  • The beginning of the week was mostly focused on fixing problems for the patch: 
  • Fixed issue with combat collision at low FPS 
  • Fixed ragdoll issues on takedowns. There may still be some (it's the nature of ragdolls) but the more glaring problems have been solved. 
  • Audio settings now work. 
  • Various crash fixes

Then I started reviewing the combat system, it is clearly too easy for most people. Making it hard is not difficult but making it fun and challenging is what's interesting. We will prototype and review adjustments to the combat in the following weeks.


We pushed update 6.2 and that meant a lot of testing and bug fixing.

Next on my list was laying out a base for new starting zones because we're looking at implementing a more robust game progression in the next build. One that will feature more areas and the difficulty will ramp up as you progress towards the exit.

Lastly, I started designing a new building scenario for the Village of Hamlyn called "Happy Birthday Richard", where something went awfully wrong at his birthday party. Tough luck, Richard, at least you still got to eat some cake... right?

Art Team


This week I made some military props!

Gameplay/Narrative Team


A bundle of my week consisted on working on content and designs that we're not quite ready to talk about. Sorry aboot that. Other than the classified stuff I've been assisting in the performance hotfixes and working with Vince to help him design his own scenario from the ground up.

On top of that I've created a Content Generation & Scope document that will help clearly explain all the content, systems and mechanics we're going to have at a generation level for the complete game. This allows all the team to be on the same page as far as where development will be going and what we plan to tackle next. This is to aid in the overhaul of the player progression of the game, which is something that we're aiming for in our next big update.

The rest of the team has been working on a super secret project that unfortunately we cannot show yet. However, we are really excited for it and will be able to share the news in a few weeks.

To prove we are not pulling your leg, look who came by the office today!

Julian (Uncle Jack) recording some lines

Have a fantastic weekend!


Compulsion Team


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