Weekly Update - Pre-alpha 6.1 and slacker backers

Hello all,

Welcome to another edition of our Friday development update! This week the team has been working on releasing a new build update, focused on a bunch of technical changes. This has kept people very busy, so this week’s update is a little light on detail. The build notes will be available on our forum once the build goes live later today.

We are also excited to announce the start of our “Slacker Backer” campaign! As our Kickstarter campaign has now closed, we wanted to make sure that people could still join the fun even if they missed our Kickstarter. If this sounds like something you or your friends could be interested in, then please check out our continued crowdfunding pledge page here. 

Other than the build and the crowdfunding campaign, this is what the team has worked on this week:

Gameplay Team


My main focus this week was QA and debugging!

I worked on making sure all the random encounters in the game are working as intended, that we had indeed fixed the bugs we thought we did and worked on performance optimization.

I also tested the save game functionality, since it brought a lot of issues at first, and I will keep on fixing more minor game progress bugs in loaded games over the next week.

Programming Team


I put the finishing touches on our save game system, implemented new combat and suspicion music, and added new voices for the Wastrels!

Camille and Matt

We think they’re still alive, but we’re not entirely sure… massive new menu changes and important performance improvements.

Art Team



Narrative Team

JR and Remi

Hey guys, this week we kept working on cinematics… yep!


I wrote more Uncle Jack shows. Thank you, Kickstarter Stretch Goals! We have a long pipeline for all the narrative content, so as it’ll take some time to produce these, we’re starting now.

I also killed a character off, rewrote lots of scenes to reflect that, reconsidered it thematically, decided it didn’t work, and put everything back the way it was, sadder but wiser.


The Compulsion Team


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