Weekly Update - New Garden District concept

Hello all,

Welcome to another edition of our Friday development update!



In general project news, we are one day away from the end of our Kickstarter, and are currently at 125% funded! Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. We close July 4, at 11:45am EDT, and are looking forward to a nice rest after a very busy 30 days.

For those of you who want to back us, but haven't been able to yet, then head on over to Kickstarter. Otherwise, we are going to be adding Paypal funding next week, to keep the campaign going for another couple of months.

On the development side, earlier this week we pushed live our Pre-Alpha Update #6 (you can read the changelist here). This build included a major update to the Garden District, along with improved stealth mechanics and a new clothing system.

Our next build update will be much shorter - hopefully at the end of next week - to prepare for the incoming pre-alpha players from Kickstarter. The focus of this build is improved performance on mid and lower end machines, so half the team has been working on that this week (basically, figuring out what kinds of options we can enable/disable to allow the game to run on less powerful hardware). This should be a welcome improvement to many players! The other half of the team has been working on narrative development this week, investigating various technical and content questions that we still have to solve (like how do we control cutscenes and gameplay within a procedural world).

Gameplay Team


I've been working on the random encounters this week again. I've went through all our current ones with Alex, our narrative director, to make sure they were all coherent with the game world. So I am currently correcting them to make them narratively accurate.

I also tested them and fixed some bugs to make sure they are as close to the final version as possible.

I've been brainstorming more ideas for random encounters also for the Village and more for the Garden District and started building some of them so that we can have a whole bunch of them for the next build!

Art Team


This week I continued developing the Garden District. I finished an environment piece, researched interior paintings, and made more signage and story elements.




Narrative Team


Worked on player characters stories with G. Finalized one of the Downer’s playthrough. Worked on a simpler mechanic for procedurally generated nightmares. Reworked opening scene. Worked on the cinematics pipeline. Worked on hiding places with Whitney.

J.R. and Remi

We worked on the cinematics, unfortunately, we cannot show them yet :P

The Compulsion Team


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