Weekly Update - Awareness icons, pretty shelters, come say Hi to Uncle Jack!

Oh, what a day, what a lovely day!

We are now at over $230,000 CAD thanks to more than 5200 backers! We are incredibly close to our goal, thank you all.

Before we start, we wanted to let you know that Uncle Jack has hijacked our Twitter account for the day. You can go say hi to him and discuss anything Wellington Wells.

So, now that that’s out of the way, here is our weekly development update.

Gameplay Team


This week, I lead the team in bringing the Garden District up to The Village’s standard. Along the way, I:

  • Implemented encounters, scenarios, and additional interactable buildings into the Wastes. 
  • Created a new starting progression to the game using the new outfit system. 
  • Added 2 additional starting shelters into the generation so players may start with different crafting tables etc. 
  • Implemented the chemical crafting station. 
  • Integrated Security 2.0 into the "Village" houses. 
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs, and quality of life issues in the build. 
  • Added hiding spots into the wastes. i.e. Players can hide under a bed if they're not seen when approaching it. 
  • Adjusted loot to continue assist with game play balance.


I'm working on making the game feel different every time you start a new game.

To this end, I created new 2 variations of the starting shelter with different possible loot and crafting tables. And Emmanuel our artist went through them to make sure they looked as good as the first one.

Also, I've been working on random encounters that happens in the Garden District, little mini-scenarios that can (or not) spawn in the starting area. I have been polishing them and enhancing them as much as possible to make them interesting and fun.

The challenge with these encounters is that I have a very limited space to work with, so it requires this extra effort of making them interesting yet very concise.

We can now see them spawning in the game thanks to Matt, so I'm now able to test this in the game. I will soon be able to add Village and then more Garden encounters and make a whole lot of them so that you have a different experience every game.

Narrative Team


I came up with some ideas about places to hide. I’ve been working with G on making the opening scene suitably horrific. Working on one of the main character’s penultimate scene. Came up with a mechanic for the player’s nightmares. Rewrote tooltips for flavor.

Art Team


This week I focused on portraying narrative in the garden district by creating Wastrel graffiti, Garden District signage, and working with Emmanuel to place props that tell story. I also continued to work on a Garden District environment painting, a first pass of awareness icons (lady faces), and a first pass of a map inventory screen.


Final pass of suspicion of the NPC Conformity and Awareness icons


For this week and upcoming weeks I will mostly be working on cinematics and narrative animations that unfortunately we won't be able to showcase until later.

But earlier this week I was able to update the mesh of the male Wastrel. So here's a little video showing the end result of the skinning process.

So basically, these silly "workout" movements are for testing every articulation of the body in order to tweak the bending of the mesh.

Programming Team


Another week of work on tools and world generation pieces. Most of this is to allowthe artists and gameplay designers to put more "stuff" into the world, more variation, more interesting, out-of-the-ordinary events for players to find. There is also some extra support for the artists to make the terrain of our world more interesting. 

There's also been some progress on the in-game map. We're still working through how much we want to show the player and what is going to be on it. And then there's the work that players don't see, and that we hope that they will never see - the game crashing. Following that are the hours needed to figure out why it's crashing, fixing the crash, only to get back to where you were before everything started crashing. It's not exciting but it is sometimes necessary.


We’re keeping a few things under our belt this week, as we’re hoping to release a new version of the pre-alpha early next week. So, first thing next week, we’ll be updating with some build update notes!

Naila and the team at Compulsion


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