Weekly Update - The Garden District, encounters and more!


Welcome to another edition of our Friday development update!

Programming Team

Matt: While we are still working on the details of how we will integrate it into gameplay, we will have support for saving your game. We don't expect everyone to play through the game in one sitting. With a procedurally generated world, there are some extra challenges in saving the state of the game. Since we don't have a static map, we can't simply write out the dynamic parts of our world. So we need to ensure that we can regenerate the static parts of our world while keeping track of any changes that have been made. Work has also started on an in-game map. At this point, as a programmer, I'm just putting together the components need to generate and update the map. Right now it's pretty ugly (which is why you're not seeing anything yet) and it will be up to the artists to make it pretty.

Art Team

Deven: Some new props and assets for the Garden District

Whitney: Concept art for the Garden District

Rubble buildings concept

The Truth Will Set You Free

Emmanuel: Props and assets

Gameplay Team

Vince: This week I added all kinds of things to make the word have more random stuff happening. Last week, I worked on random encounters in the Garden District, and I did a few of these now for the village of Hamelyn.

  • Cricket Club Fundraiser. Give generously to get your own official Cricket Club Bat!  
  • Victory errand. This Victory Meat errand boy got tied up in its own shoelaces... 
  • Bobby patrol. Bobbies securing the road and having an occasional chat.  
  • Bobby investigation. Someone lies unconscious. What happened?

These encounters will be able to spawn (soon) at roads, intersections, and I'm looking at making some others that can happen in the backyards.

Also, I've made (even) more bridge encounters, especially for going from the Garden District to the Village. Most of them have now foliage on the Garden District's side of the bridge. Some of them are just variations of what I already made before, and some brand new ones were made.

  • Benches. Grass and bushes and a billboard leading to some benches.  
  • Bobby and Crier. A phone booth that leads to a Bobby and a Crier.  
  • Joy detector variation. Vegetation creeping up to a Joy Detector.  
  • Construction area. A Joy Detector is in the process of being set up here.

I also implemented a way to be able to randomly spawn a specific map from a list within these bridge maps to add to the whole randomness of the experience. and that could also be used for random encounters also. It may be another way around an obstacle, different loot, enemies, etc... I made a test on the bridge with a Joy Detector (Garden District variation) to randomly have a change to spawn a side path to go over the security wall. I should be able to add all kinds of variations now to a lot of maps.

Josh: I've been working with the team in order to provide a nice new update to our current players and those who will gain pre-alpha access from the kickstarter. This includes, the new security systems, new craftable items, a revamped starting experience, more variety in the world generation, bug fixes, and a greater focus on stealth as another tactic for our players when they try to survive in Wellington Wells.

I also made this neat little video on the crafting mechanics earlier this week, here it is in case you missed it.


Fan art 

We receive a lot of fan art and we wanted to share some with you all because they are simply amazing. We also previously posted the entries to the Art Contest we held before the Kickstarter.

By Otherbuttons

By Otherbuttons

By SyAlmans

By Saintsflow

Dawn Cosplay by Thelema Therion


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