Weekly Update - Mechanics, Take downs and everything nice

Hey everyone! 

First up, we want to say thank you, because we have blasted past 3000 backers, and raised over $135,000 CAD!

We’re grateful for all your support, all your sharing, and your messages of support :) Especially because next week will be crazy, with the gaming world’s eyes on E3. It’ll probably be a slow week for all the studios on Kickstarter, but we’re going to get stuck into the update groove, and tell you guys as much as we can about the world of We Happy Few.

Now, onto the fun stuff. 

Jim Sterling Plays We Happy Few

In case you haven’t yet taken a look at some of the people playing the game, we suggest you check out Jim Sterling playing through our pre-alpha build! In his words, “Pre-alpha, and already better than a lot of finished Steam games.” Thanks for the kind words, Jim, we’ll keep coming up with inventive ways to get your character into trouble.

Weekly Update

At the end of every week, we post up on our website and forums what we’ve been working on. We thought you guys might like to see that too :) So, here is what we’ve been up to this week at the studio!

Gameplay Team

Josh spent a bunch of time working on improving our “Anti-Downer” devices, and other mechanics this week. So, here’s his take on “Mechanics 101”:

Vince: I’ve worked on a bunch of street scenarios, which I’m really excited about! But, they’re not ready to show just yet, so stay tuned for a later update on these puppies.

JR: A couple of weeks back, I said that I wouldn’t work on combat anymore. That was a blatant lie, don’t beat me up… here’s what I did since then!

  • Created some combat animation variants for the Wastrels, as well as their very own run cycle. 
  • Updated the animation for picking up stuff, it used to be a pose blend so I added a little something just for flavor! 
  • Exaggerated the poses for the suspicion state of the NPCs, to see a better distinction between each state. 
  • Updated the animation for stealth takedowns, which are back in the game, yeah! It’s now fully functional on common NPCs, such as Wellies and Wastrels.

Here’s a short video to show some of the things I mentioned. Enjoy!

Narrative Team

Alex (Narrative Director): Mostly I’ve been writing journal entries for the main characters’ playthroughs. I’m recording Wastrels and Wastrellettes and some additional dialog for when Wellies approve of what you do (they’re not always angry!). Oh, and I wrote some blog posts

Remi: I worked on secret cinematics ;)

Art Team

Deven: I made some props this week, here is a picture of one of them

Emmanuel: I worked on the interior of a house in the Garden District

Programming Team

Marc: I fixed a lot of bugs discovered while watching people stream the pre-alpha :)

Camille: With the big Kickstarter push out of the way, this week has been an opportunity to revisit my UI backlog and do a polish pass over many different things. When it comes to UI design and programming, it's not always apparent to the programmer whether a feature is intuitive or not. As I put together the different UI screens, I had written down some areas that could be eventually be improved as minor polish... But with the influx of new streamers, some of these "minor" polish issues have turned out to be much larger than expected.

So I went ahead and bumped up the most pressing issues that I could see. There's a lot of minor fixes, but the biggest changes you can see will be better handling of drag & drop into equip slots, quick moving (through right-click) moving into existing stacks first, and the quick loot window will actually tell you if your inventory is full instead of silently closing. I've also fixed a terribly embarrassing inventory crash inadvertently discovered by Charlie at Polygon while he was streaming the game. Oops!


Love, The Compulsion Team


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