Weekly Update - Kickstarter update!

Hey all,

Wow, what a day we had yesterday!

The response to our Kickstarter campaign so far has been amazing. We are completely overwhelmed by the love and support from all of you. We are close to 30% from our goal in the first 24 hours, with almost 2,000 backers! We’re immensely grateful for all your support.

Since we launched our Kickstarter we’ve been getting a lot of questions on every media possible, and we are trying our best to answer them all. We have a FAQ section in our Kickstarter page but we always try to go into more details if we can. So, we have decided to run an AMA on Reddit on Monday June 8th at 12pm EST on /r/Games. Come ask away or just chat with us :)

Usually on friday we post development updates. This week we all prepared for the launch of the Kickstarter, so the Kickstarter page itself is our update for the week. But, just to not leave you hanging, Josh our Game designer made a very neat gameplay video! You can check that out here:

Love, Compulsion Games

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