Weekly Update - Wastrels and Combat

Hello everyone!

This week, we have some exciting news to announce - we’ll be launching the WHF Kickstarter campaign on June 4th!  This is a pretty big deal for the game and the studio, so we’re really hoping that you guys will help us spread the word.

However, you’re probably here for some updates, so let’s get cracking.

Remi - Animator

This week, I animated the Player Character reading a newspaper, which (among other things, that you’ll have to find out) is just a neat way to read the patch notes from inside the game. Lots of controls and some overlap is always fun to animate!

For the rest of the week, it was mostly a rigging/skinning week. I have rigged and skinned the new Female Wastrel Mesh. I can’t wait for you all to see them walk around in our world! In the mean time, here’s a little 1 hour time lapse of me working on the skin.

Josh - Game Designer

This week:

- Organized a strike plan to update/fix the live build for closed testing next Wednesday.
- Lead Vince in creating multiple challenge gates to roll into the next update.
- Executed our strike plan on multiple fronts to bring/repair/enhance multiple game play related systems up in quality.
- Created new gameplay items that were based of of Marc’s prototype work on inventory/quick slot/weapon holster expansions
- Recut gameplay trailer shot for timing, for our Kickstarter campaign.

So, basically, I just made the game do lots more cool stuff.

Vincent - Level Designer

This week I focused on designing multiple possible scenarios that will happen on the bridges separating the different areas of the game. They need to be challenging enough so that you will need to prepare yourself to be able to get through them alive.

  • Dr. FreeJoy’s checkpoint
  • Wastrel’s camp
  • Booby Trap bridge
  • Crier’s Tea Party
  • Joy Detector gate
  • Motilene Spill
  • Euphoric Maze
  • Security Door


Bridge 2

Deven - 3D Artist

I worked primarily on the interior/exterior of the bridge outpost. I went back and forth with design for art / design adjustments. I also tested out creating details for the visuals of the exterior, with a few small fans on the side of building. This is a nice visual and brings life to more or less static assets. Interior is done and going to let design test it. And while that is done, I’m building some props for it. Like hanging lights, doors, access panels. I also UVed the exterior building shell.

Outpost 1

Outpost 2

Outpost 3

Matt Robinson - Tech Director

This week saw a lot of refinement to the overall layout of our world, including breaking the world up into smaller, more diverse areas, and the inclusion of some newer areas that we’re not quite ready to show, except as a looming presence in the distant fog.

Some preliminary work as well on railroads in our environment and less exciting things like bug fixes and cleanup from recent changes. For example, our city builder is now less likely to decide to put buildings underwater.

Secret district

Alex - Narrative Director

Wrote Kickstarter video script.

I also cut the audio for scenes A5-A7 (which is a fancy way of saying I reviewed a few cutscenes, and streamlined the dialogue to sound awesome)..

Whitney - Art Director

This week I continued to work on SUPER SECRET KICKSTARTER STUFF. I also worked on some posters/signage for our Garden District biome.

I ALSO continued developing the Wastrels - the Wastrels are Wellies whose Joy went wrong and turned them into sad, schizophrenic outcasts. They've been ostracized by the Wellies and forced to scavenge in the Garden District. They are always on the brink of survival and don't appreciate their resources being taken from them. This is the first cut I did of them a few months back:


JR - Animator

This week I went back to working on combat animations, which will probably be the last we do on this for a little while! It's starting to feel very satisfying, so with these new updates we can start focusing on other pressing matters. Here’s a short recap.
Parry: I refined the animations for both the player and the NPCs. On a parry, the NPCs will now react randomly (given the number of ‘parry_react’ animations, thanks Marc!). I also reduced the recovery time of the NPCs, which still offers a good window for the player to follow up with an attack.
Quick Attack: I created an animation that works like an attack of opportunity, meaning that if you enter the melee radius of an aggressive NPC carelessly, he will attempt to hit you instantly.

Sam - Producer

Lots of Kickstarter prep this week - it’s incredible how much work goes into something like this. There’s a huge amount of planning, including planning the Kickstarter video, preparing all the material we want to show, figuring out reward tiers (trying to understand how much everything actually costs to do, and whether what we can offer is reasonable and interesting, and talking to our partners who tell us whether we’re making terrible mistakes or not...), and trying not to get grumpy at each other… you know, the usual.

We also started a fan art contest (we’ve had a bunch of entries so far, which is super cool), and started paving the way for a really major build update next week. We’re bringing in the players that won keys at PAX, so we want to make sure that everything’s looking really great for them.


 That’s all for this week - thanks for reading!


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