Weekly Journal - Girl, you are my Joy!

Hey everyone,

Next Tuesday is Valentine’s day so keep your eyes peeled for a special video! But most importantly, don’t forget your Valentine! As you know, being forgetful is a strong side effect of taking too much Joy.

Also, feel free to make and share with us your Made in Wellington Wells Valentine cards or fan art, we shared some of ours in this weekly!

Art Team


Good Friday to everyone! These past few weeks, I’ve been very busy on a myriad of things. I’ve created a gameshow machine and fixed a bunch of visual bugs, collisions, level of details, etc. The bulk of my time has been spent arting up brand new special locations for exciting encounters coming up, such as a very special church. I also started to work on arting up new house variants to bring more variety to the Village.


Hola! I have been working on secret assets, for a secret location with new secret things so I won’t be showing 3D stuff today. But I can share with you guys some St. Valentine’s cards I did on the side! (Alex gave me the slogans.)

Hope you like them and feel free to use them!


What do you mean you haven't heard of Nick Lightbearer and the Make Believes?? Have you been living under a rock?? Well, now you have. Heard of him, that is. More to come!


This week and the last, I’ve been working on a new shelter. This one contains some surprises that will await in the Garden District (Mouhahaha).

Have a good weekend!

Animation Team


Lots of little things this week: a new animation variation for electrocuted NPCs, some polish on the “Shelter of Terrooooor” (check Clara’s video, featuring Antoine (who’s still currently single)), Wellies having jolly good fun in the pub, bits and bobs in the House of Curious Behaviours…


Hey guys! For the last couple of weeks, I've been mainly :

- Creating animations to support the revamping of our stealth loop

- Planning and animating for new encounters, which was fun and a little challenging! It turns out that some of those actually got so big--and specific--that our generic talking animations were simply not enough. So we've been looking at giving those encounters a more "cinematic" feel with unique animations.

Design Team


Oh hello! This week was super busy and Clara made a cool video of me babbling about the new shelters. Thanks to her for all that editing work!

[Ed. note:  Antoine is single.]

This week we polished the new Garden District 2 shelter. Again, Vincent was my wingman this week, going back and forth with him to see the timing of animations and do little adjustments. Even though this environment is supposed to be creepy we tried to make it feel a little bit cozy. It’s a shelter, after all. I also sat down with him to look over his next assignment, the Village 1 shelter. Artists and designers are always collaborating in order to create something that’s visually interesting but also feels good in terms of “space ergonomics”. I’ve also reworked a little bit how the hacking works for the Electro Lock Shocker in order to prevent permanent blocks in the progression. There’s also a pretty cool animation used for hacking, graciously made by Mishka!


Hello folks,

This week I was busy polishing up Nick Lightbearer’s Pad. QA was able to get to this level and left me several, several bugs that I needed to address. Along with that, I prepped the logic for cutscenes and conversations, set up quest conditional objects, created lore items and massaged several areas outside Nick’s Pad to provide you with some interesting gameplay. I also spent some quality Compulsion time with one of our animators and our narrative team to hash out the final push for the realization of this encounter.

In case you didn’t know, Nick Lightbearer is a super fab celebrity in Wellington Wells and has been known to call some of the most memorable games of Simon Says Wellington Wells has ever experienced. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been showing up lately…

When you arrive at his home you’ll quickly notice all the construction work going on between Nick’s Pad and his Neighbors. When it becomes clear that Constable Hunt will not let you in to speak to Nick, you’ll need to find another way in...

Thanks for tuning in!

Compulsion Team

PS: Antoine is still single.


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