Weekly Journal - Groundhog week

Hey everyone,

It is hard to believe that we are already in February. We know for some of you it feels like it is taking forever to get your hands on the final game but for us, time is flying! The grind never stop.

We hope you enjoy this week’s journal and as a reminder, we post a video every Wednesday on our Youtube channel that we also link in our Weekly Journals, just in case you needed your fix a bit earlier during the week :)

Animation Team


Hey everyone, this week is the beginning of a full month of encounter animations for the whole team! That means we should have plenty of things to show for the upcoming weeks. (without spoiling too much, we still want you all to discover some bits of new content ;) ) So this week I’ve had the time to make a little video with Clara. Explaining the process that I went through to generate Facial Animations for Grunts, Convulsion, Electrocute, Laughing, coughing, etc. There’s still a lot of work to do since I’ll have to apply the same process to all our archetypes. That means, 6 FaceFX actors for the Wellette, 6 more for the Wastrel Male, 6 for the Bobby, and so on. I was also able to start the work on some Simon Says animations! The encounter is going well and I can’t wait for you guys to play it. Have a good week!


This week has been all working with Antoine on a small shelter encounter involving plague Wastrels… In there is a mini cutscene that needed a bit of work to feel right, and it was a good occasion to spend a bit of time on adding variation in the plague Wastrels blinded animation!

Design Team


In-between beers, I managed to script a pretty awesome Simon Says machine. Lots of tweaky timings and whatnot in-between animations and lights blinking and turning on/off, etc.  

SImon Says

SImon Says


Simon Sa-


Simon Says


Yeah.. that’s what I’ve been hearing all week.

See a sneak peak of the encounter in Sarah’s section!


This week we started the realization phase of the new encounters. In this phase we’ll actively collaborate with all departments to bring to life all those new locations and work towards the final polish pass. I’ll go back and forth with animators on the right timing for turning a wheel in first person (an interactive object that’s going to surface more than once going forward). I did the final blocking touches to the revamped house of curious behaviors and started integrating animations for the new shelters. Changes to the house of curious behaviors are mostly to “open up” the encounter. There’s now multiple ways you can go about entering the house and it should feel a little more solid in terms of scripting robustness.

I’m also doing a refactoring pass on Mine Mine All Mine. It has such a cool layout but the encounter made little sense. One funny comment of David our design director was that “it was the only encounter that completed itself”. You could watch Wastrels trying to avoid tripwires but eventually pass through them and die without you having to do anything. The encounter will now be a more open hooligans camp. I improved the layout so the player can climb in different places to avoid guard patrols and also find better loot.

Art Team


Hi guys! This week I have more props to show! This are for a secret location we are working on.

Have a nice weekend! :D


If Bert had a falling out with Ernie, and shacked up with Raggedy Anne, their children would probably look something like this. I ship it, anyway. Say hello to the new and improved Spanker TV Faces, the last thing naughty trespassers will ever see before a good Spanking™. I also designed some Simon Says related goodies, here's a taste!

Simon Says icon!

Thanks for tuning in!

Compulsion Team


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