Weekly Journal - Happy New Year!

Lovely day for it!  

We are back from our holidays, and back into the trenches. Did you play any amazing games over the break? Did you eat too much? We did!  

This is going to be an exciting year. Next week we will post our plans for 2017 (and a quick 2016 recap) so stay tuned. As a brief taster, we have some major announcements this year, several updates planned, we will finally begin talking about the narrative, but we want to caution that it won’t be about release dates. It will contain some discussion on timing, but we want to be clear that we won’t be announcing dates until they’re set in stone.  

In the meantime, here is our journal for this first week back.

Narrative Team  


I am not very good at vacations. Writing is more of a jones than a job; if I don’t do some sort of writing, I get cranky. Moreover, those long car rides are really great for banging around ideas and solving story problems. At least until we get off the Thruway and onto the unremitting horror that is route 17S.  

So I wrote a bunch of encounters out in the country.  

More importantly, I played the story map. That’s the instance of the game world in which there are characters that trigger cinematics.  

“Hah!” you say. “Pull the other one!” No, truly, there is a story version of the game. You could play it right now, except we won’t let you.  

It’s exciting when you not only have loot to find, but story to find. Even if you wrote the story yourself.  

Today we had a lovely recording session with Tony Robinow, who voiced some creepy doctors you will regret meeting. When a line catches me off guard.  

Upcoming soon: recording sessions with Alex Wyndham; She Who Must Not Be Named; Simon Peacock; and probably Alice Kensington, though she may not know it yet.

Animation Team  


This week consisted in a lot of planning for every team, and animation is no exception! Huge heaps of work to do, so little time…

Art Team  


This week I’ve been finishing some props and started on a new secret location that I can’t unfortunately show you now.


Since the last weekly update, I’ve been working hard on crafting a special story location. I’ve spent most of the time working on environmental layout and lighting. Here is a small sample of my work.


Happy New Year, Chickadees! If your holiday was anything like mine, then it probably involved a lot of over-indulgence, followed by the inevitable self-hatred and desperate pleading to any and all deities that might spare you from your own gluttonous misery. Such was the perfect mind-set for making an illustration that I'm now told is too spoiler ridden for this update. Sorry, chaps. Please instead be satisfied with this in progress drawing of an anthropomorphic bar of soap flossing his butt with a towel. A Clean Worker is a Keen Worker!

Design Team  


Happy New Year everybody. This week, I have been working on the “Church of Simon Says”. A gameshow where you are leading the charge, trying to get people to fail. Something goes horribly wrong towards the end, and mild shock turns into a nightmare.  

Thanks for tuning in!  

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