Weekly Journal - Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone,  

Wow, here we are, the final weekly journal of 2016! What a year it has been. We created a really weird and creepy booth at PAX East, debuted We Happy Few internationally at E3 and launched on Early Access a month later. Some of you have been with us since we first showed a demo of We Happy Few and some of you are new to the journey, but one thing is certain is that you guys are sticking by us through thick and thin and we couldn’t be more grateful.  

Yesterday we released a hotfix on PC for several crashes that were reported after the Clockwork Update. You can find the hotfix patch here. Thank you to everyone who submitted crashes and issues, and to our programmers and QA for working around the clock to get it done! If you are still getting crashes after the hotfix, you can send us your saved data to and we will look into the issue asap. We will also be updating on Xbox One once we’ve confirmed the hotfixes are stable.  

It’s also -25C outside in Montreal right now, so it’s definitely the winter season. Our nostril hairs are freezing, so it’s time to quieten down for a long awaited rest. So, this will be our last weekly update for 2016, and we will return on Jan 6 next year.

Design Team  


This has been a crazy busy week for me, but a very productive one. Some of my time has been spent working on secret stuff I can’t show yet. The other half has been spent working on communication efforts within the team. I have been breaking down future encounters into “work sheets” to make sure everybody can be updated easily about changes, requests, features, etc.

On top of that, I have finished my first draft of the Crafting breakdown. We have already noticed some surprising numbers of objects truly needed vs objects we find in the world, and it will help us go through a fairly large balance pass.  

Lastly… I had a tiny bit of downtime while waiting for some art to come in, so… I got a head start on an encounter I’ll be working on next year. Look forward to this one.

Animation Team  

J.R., Mishka, Rémi and Vincent  

This week has been fun, it’s been a mix of a lot of different small--and less small--tasks. Rémi worked on the facial rigs for new NPC variants, such as merchants and Parade District residents.  

J.R. created animations for a new encounter near the train station, as well as a whole new conversation with the Bobby guarding the Parade District bridge.  

Mishka worked on a secret location, improving the conversation animations, and created new animation sets transitions for the Bobbies.  

Here is a video of Rémi and Vincent showcasing the new animations/behavior for the plagued wastrels. Enjoy!

Art Team  


This week I've been focusing on creating an old payphone and a new wooden trim modular set.

All of this modular set is mapped to a 1K tileable wooden trim texture, which is still in progress. This texture will be very useful in many situations.

This is an example of the texture, without wear and tear. Wear and tear is being sculped and is work in progress.


We worked our frost bitten butts off on the last release, and we hope you guys like the improvements! This week I finished off the last of the painted pub signs, and made a lil' holiday illustration, commissioned by the community management team. I hope you find a warm place to spend the holiday season with the ones you love, see you next year!

Thanks for tuning in and happy holidays everyone, we will see you back in early January!  

Compulsion Team


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