We Happy Few Art Contest!

Hey everyone!

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of beautiful fan art of Contrast.  We wanted to encourage that with We Happy Few, so to help build up to our Kickstarter campaign, we’ve decided it is time to hold a fan art contest!

We want to see your version of our 60s, dystopian, psychedelic world.  This could be Uncle Jack, the Wellies, the world, Victory Meat (the special meat they eat in our world), or really whatever you want.

We will take a look at everything submitted here at the studio, and vote for the winner.  Once we have a winner, we’ll announce it on our blog/facebook etc and the winner will win a pre-alpha key for We Happy Few on Steam!

Send your entries to Good luck everyone!

P.S. Here are the guidelines, in case you like to read fine print:

  • It must be related to We Happy Few - otherwise, feel free to let your imagination run wild

  • It must be your own original work (but work created previously is cool)

  • Anybody can enter the contest, except for us and our friends (ESPECIALLY Whitney!)

  • The contest starts today (20/5/15) and the deadline is Tuesday June 2nd at 12:00 (EST) (Updated to June 2nd by popular demand!)

  • The prize is a key to our pre-alpha for We Happy Few on Steam

  • You may submit only one entry

  • The winner will be announced on 2nd of June at 17:00 (EST)

  • Send us your submission at
  • You can tweet us your artwork by tagging us on Twitter @Compulsiongames so we can retweet it! But send us an email as well just in case...

  • All the entries will be pinned on our board here at work that we have reserved for fan art, which reminds us why we do what we do

  • We'll also occasionally use entries to showcase fan art of WHF, but we will always attribute the work to you.  We might use them in a blog post about the entries, to show the final winner and honourable mentions, and we may use them occasionally on social media to say thank you.  Otherwise, we won't post any information about you or use your art for nefarious purposes (added 25 May)

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