Content Creation Policy

Hello Video Creators and Streamers!

Thanks for checking us out. Our video/streaming policy for our games is pretty simple. We encourage you to make whatever video content you like out of our games. You are absolutely welcome to monetize it on Twitch/Youtube etc in the usual ways (subs, advertisements, etc).

However, we do have three requests:

  • If you're showing a pre-alpha, Early Access or otherwise not-final version of a game, please tag it as such.  
  • Please add spoiler tags if you show narrative content. This could be as simple as adding "spoilers" in the video heading, in the description, or in annotations at the start of the video – how you do it is up to you. The main reason is that we make narrative heavy games, and we don't want the game spoiled accidentally for people who want to play it (we need to make a living, too J )
  • Normal online monetization is okay, but please get in touch with us if it goes beyond that.  Eg, selling figurines of our characters, or selling the videos you create (that feature our games) to TV networks. Ultimately it's our IP and hard work, so please get in touch with us beforehand if you'd like to do that.

If you have any other questions, or if you get any issues with Content IDs/warnings, please email us at