• What is the genre for Contrast?

    Contrast is a singleplayer adventure/puzzle game, set in a 1920s/1940s dreamscape, a mash-up of cabaret and noir.

  • What makes Contrast different?

    Contrast uses a mechanic that hasn’t been used before – at any time, you can walk up to a lit wall in 3D, and turn into your shadow. This shifts you into a 2D space, and you can then move over other shadows to reach inaccessible areas. You can also move objects around to change their shadows, which changes your platforming environment.

  • How exactly does the 2D/3D shadow mechanism work in Contrast?

    Basically, if you approach wall surfaces that are lit, you can become your shadow and walk on the shadows of other objects as if their shadows were solid. You can do this to navigate through space in a completely different way.

  • In Contrast can I go into 2D shadow mode at any place?

    You can enter shadows anywhere the world is lit as long as your shadow 'fits' in the lit space, and you can exit back as your 'real' self at any time.

  • What platforms is Contrast on?

    PC (Steam), PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Tous disponible en version digitale.

  • What is the purchase price for Contrast?


  • When was Contrast released?

    15 November 2013.

  • Is there any additional content?

    Yes – the digital Collector’s Edition is available for $19.99. It contains the game, a digital art book and sound track. The sound track and digital art book are also available separately on iTunes, and the soundtrack alone on other music stores.

  • How long is Contrast?

    3-4 hours, depending on your familiarity with puzzle games.

  • What is the storyline in Contrast?

    You play as Dawn, the imaginary friend of a little girl, Didi. Didi is the child of a single mother, whose father has abandoned the family. You must use your shadow powers to help Didi uncover the mysteries behind her family, and help her get them back together. This all takes place in a 1920s, vaudevillian world full of burlesque and illusion, with the adult characters all being involved in the performing arts in some way or another.

  • Who is the artist for Contrast’s theme song?

    Laura Ellis – a jazz singer based in Los Angeles. We used one of her songs in our trailer, and our fans loved it so much that we asked her to sing a couple of completely new songs created specifically for Contrast.

  • How many people developed Contrast?

    8 people in the studio, but we had with 2 great long term partners (WaveGeneration Audio and PixelNauts for the environment).

  • How long was Contrast in development?

    We started penning designs for it in 2009. The first couple of years, G fleshed out the design, and we were in active development for 2.5 years.