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Vanishing skill books

I don't see any other reports on this so I thought I'd post here. For whatever reason, acquired skill books found in chests , houses, etc. seem to vanish. At first I thought simply reviewing them thru the "passive effects" list was keeping them around. Now, I see this isn't true. Today, for example, I loaded my saved game for Day 3 (Eel Pie Holm) wherein I had finished opening up all of the dig spot chests in this first area that included both the Engineer & Chemist books. Saving the game and re-loading I confirmed they were all still present. Today when I loaded the game they were all still there, but then I noticed in the Crafting menu a need for a Chemical station (was planning to make more Antiseptic to store in Stash for future needs). So, on checking the list of passive effects nearly all of those skill books were again gone! Oddly enough though, the Creeper for which I had bought an upgrade for a few minutes earlier from the Treehouse, was correctly showing noises as being reduced by 4%.

My son has confirmed this is happening in his games too, so it isn't just my machine. Yes, game files were checked thru Steam for integrity.

Needless to say, this is making playing the game quite difficult; even with the manual effort of backing up saved game files after each successful save.
  • bleep13bleep13 Member
    edited October 2017
    I have just had this problem. Same one. Plus something in my inventory is visually gone, but the space is there. Just an orange blank spot! "Pick item" it says.
  • After a LOT of trial & error, I believe I've traced this back to the healing skill book hidden in the theater (where you rescue Peachy) as, twice, they've all vanished right after picking that up. Going to test now to see if I can avoid that happening by ignoring that book.
  • LeeLee Member, Compulsion Team
    Thanks for the feedback. We'll investigate the issue and address it for the 1.0 release.

  • Further testing has shown that it is still occurring at other times. My son, for example, did not find that skill book on the rafter beam in the theater yet his skill books have vanished at some point in Eel Holm on every single play-thru. In my latest attempt I went and recovered that book first, going on to retrieve several others from chests/houses checking to confirm all found thus far were present. I was to the point of getting ready to head over to Luds when I saved my game for the night (all books there). Re-loaded my game next day and books were all gone again! Tried restoring backup made previous day, when loaded books were still gone. Rather frustrating!
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