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That Clockwork Orange Geek's Doodles

  • @Horrorshow Your cosplay is amazing! :O I love it!
    Also, love your drawings-your style gives the Downers a nice touch ^^
  • HorrorshowHorrorshow Member, Moderator
    edited July 2016
    After that Brady Bunch-ish drawing I did with all those Wellie and Wastrel heads, I finally gave the Wastrels their bodies. (I can imagine that waving Wastrel saying, "That's my house right there, you can see it from here!"


    @ArtzDeeva Thank you, I'm glad you like it! <3

    @Naila I saw your twitter! "Made by 'Horrowshow,' huh? ;) (Don't worry, I've made the same mistake when logging in once) But seriously, that was really nice of you to post my drawing, thank you!
  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
    @Horrorshow omg I am so sorry! I didn't realize :(
  • OtherbuttonsOtherbuttons Member, Moderator, WHF Friends & Family
    Oh my god, I come back from a long week away from the forums and you've absolutely whipped up a storm! The art is simply fantastic and aesthetically gorgeous as usual, but that cosplay. ♥

    What fabrics did you use? Did you make the cosplay from scratch? Tell me us all about it's construction oh please oh please! It's turned out perfect.
  • HorrorshowHorrorshow Member, Moderator
    This week I gave the Wellies their bodies (I just HAD to draw one of the Wellettes doing that happy strut) :



    @Otherbuttons Wow, thank you!

    Gladly! As for the dress, it was made from scratch and the fabric is Lycra, the black having a metallic coat. The black stripes were not overlay-ed, rather they were sewn alongside the white part, if that makes any sense (My sewing terminology is terrible, my apologies). It would be too thick for the black stripes to come all the way down the dress and sew the hem altogether, so they ended up about 2 cm above the hem. The black border along the cape (oh, and the cape isn't attached to the dress) was folded over and sewn as well as the turtleneck part (this is where the Lycra came in handy so I was able to pull it over my noggin), and the edges of the cape were rounded a bit (though the shoulders did come out a bit wonky).

    For the rest of the cosplay, I used the following:
    -Black metallic leggings
    -White dress gloves
    -Syringe pen (which did not show up in these particular pictures)
    -Mod white sunglasses
    -Eyelashes and red liquid lipstick (I was going to attempt the Twiggy eyeliner, but with the helmet on it would have been covered up anyway)
    -Baseball helmet, white flat cord for the strap, and white glossy spray paint (I found a baseball helmet at a thrift store, spray painted it, and sewed the strap on the inner adjusting belt)
    (I also made an attempt to make a cardboard briefcase that was also not featured in those pictures, but it wasn't all that great anyway)

    Hope I answered your question, and still waiting on that Strawberry Fields piece! :)
  • HorrorshowHorrorshow Member, Moderator
    Those suits the Wellies sport in the House of Curious Behaviors were so bizarre, I just had to doodle them (I like the fact that the Wellettes wear pink latex gloves with frills):


    Also, I have yet again attempted a different drawing style and wanted to feature it here (just heads this time):

  • @Horrowshow Arthur just looks so done. I love your art, it looks so nice!
  • HorrorshowHorrorshow Member, Moderator
    Some quick Contrast doodles (if you tilt the monitor just right, you can see faint outlines of other doodles, sorry about that):


    @FabulousPotatoSister Thanks! I can imagine him making that face when playing along with Johnny Bolton's "missions." :D
  • tectec Member, Moderator
    Great artwork! You are so talented!
  • I absolutely love your drawings!
  • HorrorshowHorrorshow Member, Moderator
    A Victoria Byng has been "Retro-Cartoonized!"


    @tec Aw, thanks!

    @BonBon Thank you, glad ya like them!
  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
    @Horrorshow Fantastic as usual!
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