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We've been invaded by robots!

They're coming to assimilate us all! The end is nigh!
Someone please hire an android in blue armor to get rid of them, please.
  • Iris_LockspurIris_Lockspur Member, Moderator
    Working on it, we don't know why they've chosen us.
  • Start using that ban hammer and member post delete database tricks! Go Go go

  • Iris_LockspurIris_Lockspur Member, Moderator
    Took an hour and a half but took care of them for today. Apologies for it, there's not a whole lot we can do as they change IPs and emails constantly.
  • fromthewoodsfromthewoods Member, Moderator
    Im usually up late at night, almost morning. And thats when these robots attack, they are sneaky you see.

    So i can really see the trouble they are giving the mods, cause there can be like 6 pages of crap in multiple categories, but then its all clean when i wake up.

    Thanks @Iris_Lockspur
  • May I suggest using a Captcha code of some sort?
  • edited September 2016
    The dreaded spam bots?

    Good to see you cleaning them up Iris!
    And Protagonist, the spammers will find a way around the Captcha, very pesty buggers.
  • you should watch the video of ted talk of Rodney Brooks of Robots will invade our lives, you will get all your needs there :)
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