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16 pages of 'Safe City of Dream Casino' by gjrhkwkd30

Wow, did you all get spammed or what!
I come here several times a week to see what's happening in my favorite psychotic game, but this troll makes the site unreadable.
If you have a rule to not delete posts, I think we will all forgive you in this instance!
Off to smash a pinata!

Oh god, he/she/bot's still at it....How many pages will it be by morning as they're coming in at like one per minute! .BANHAMMER TIME!
  • StephanieStephanie Compulsion Team
    Hi there!

    Yeah, we get spammed every day. My morning routine involves a cup of coffee and fighting the good fight against Korean casino spam bots.

    We are currently looking into finding a better way to combat this.

    We have banned these spammers, but they keep making new accounts.
  • Iris_LockspurIris_Lockspur Member, Moderator

    I apologise for this as well. I try to take care of the night bots. But, considering I just started my first (real) job, I've been slacking on my end as well.

    They make accounts by the dozens, so it's a pain to deal with on this end as well.
  • StephanieStephanie Compulsion Team
    like 35 pages today in bugs and tech support
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