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Screenshot thread?

I want to see everyone's screenshots. Lets make a thread where we can share them?

Here is one to get it started, a couple in love:
  • HidudeHidude Member
    Still a better love story than Twilight ;)
  • dashdash Member
    i'm going ghost

    sorry for the fps in the corner
  • Haha, those are some cool futuristic panels, I haven't seen those yet!
  • Damn that's a sweet decoration. I need one IRL, thank you. XD

  • dashdash Member
    a bit bright for 7PM, yeah?

    the night sky is absolutely gorgeous

    the garden district is so pretty

    not quite the placeholder buildings some might think ;)

    i love the bear sign

    sorry for the flood, the 6.2 patch helps the game run on my computer and i couldn't help myself
  • These are all great! I too love the bear sign!
    I demand Compulsion team make us posters of these for our bedrooms! XD
  • image
    I am NOT good at this game :P
  • I love everything about this screenshot, from the 10 health left, and the starving bar... your singular rock and now you're hallucinating. XD
  • I love that they're also bleeding AND have food poisoning.

    ( @lilromimi , don't feel bad. I am also deeply terrible at the game, I just didn't choose to share any screenshots of me being beaten by bobbies with 2% health after not being able to figure out how to put down a rock in their eyeshot.)
  • I'm really enjoying the weird and wonderful things that happen in this game! I thought I was having a really lovely moment there then BANG dead! I was not paying attention to a lot of what was going on as I was still trying to explore. This was my first playthrough so I don't feel too terrible about it haha!
    I'm finding the constant random crashes more frustrating than anything right now but in time it will all be awesome! ^_^
  • SyAlmansSyAlmans Member
    edited July 2015
    If you got into the city proper in your first playthrough you were doing better than I was.

    (Was also trying to post a screenshot of some of the graffiti, but Dropbox is having a disagreement about it. Guess I can't unless I get an imgur account or something.)
  • Why would you not already have an imgur account?! O_o
    Also Im sure it was a fluke because there have been a couple of times since where I have wandered all around the start area with no apparent entrance in other than to beat the crap out of a couple of bobbies and I'm just not ready for that! >_<
    First time there was a sign and I just walked under it through the grass.
  • London Bridge is falling down...


    I always feel so bad for the Westrals... Makes me want to put them all out of their misery.

  • I run about 7 years behind the rest of the world regarding technology, basically.

    As for the bobbies, fortunately at the game's current level you can just run like a coward - either dodge between guards or get ready to sprint the minute the Joy detector opens and you'll make it. (There's also a nice "dead end" with a door surrounded by a wastrel cookout. As long as you don't agitate them the wastrels will happily murder any bobby in their range.)
  • @SyAlmans my first run through spawned a Joy maze... -.-"
  • I only found that house on 3 runs. The first two times I didn't look around enough. Now the last 2 play-throughs I didn't see it and I'm a wee bit sad.
  • @ceruleanspiral Last night was the first time I've found the house after something like a dozen runs due to a combination of framerate issues and general lack of talent. It was confirmed it's a story-element, so I'm wondering if it and the the other event elements (like the pawn shop and butcher shop) are shuffled or all of them are available in every run-through and it's just a matter of finding them. The Most Depressing House in particular may be difficult to find because homes in the Garden all look very similar. I think the only visual clue you're in the right place is the train graffiti in an interior room.

    @Ghretto I keep hearing about that, but never seen it. That sounds . . . unfortunate.
  • GhrettoGhretto Member
    edited July 2015
    I'm pretty sure I have one spawned in my current game, I'll hop on once I'm home and take a shot for you to see!


  • @Dash How do you remove the HUD from your screenshots?
  • dashdash Member
    @ghretto just open up the console with ~ and type showhud to toggle it :)
  • Dang, I was so close! I tried hud off and hide hud. Lol
  • Aaaaaahhh! I want one! lol
  • My Fancy Suit Fan Club. ^^

  • Hahaha, @ceruleanspiral that's pretty funny. You must be one dapper Son of a gun!
  • I still have not found a pawn shop. I found the butcher shop a few times. Got my first key card from a Bobby today... but I died. Boo.
  • @ceruleanspiral, don't be too disappointed about the pawn shop. Both times I've found it the area has been pitch black. Like, so black I spend 5 minutes trying to find the stairs black.

    That's a shame, because I've seen someone else play through it and the scenario is really damn creepy.
  • This game is so pretty... image

  • ZenaxaZenaxa Member
    I don't have a SShot but wanted to comment to the above pink sky shot. I saw a dawn yesterday that made me stop what I was running off to and just watch it for a moment. Really gorgeous, compliments from a viewer of Arizona sunsets!
  • HidudeHidude Member
    image I did edit it a little, but I just had to screenshot this ;)
  • ZenaxaZenaxa Member
    Sadly, the image isn't displaying on my device. :( What'd you capture?
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