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Weekly Journal - 17/02/2017 - Being Nick Lightbearer and PAX East 2017 info

NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
Hey everyone,

Since this week was Valentine’s Day, we decided that our weekly video should be a community appreciation video. After all, we love you! We hope you enjoy it and feel free to let us know what kind of video you wish to see more of!

PAX East 2017

PAX East 2017 is coming up fast and we would like to let you know that while we will not be having a booth, we’ll be there! We are going to hang out with the community, and to support other games.

We are organizing a gathering on Thursday March 9th, in a bar. So if you are in the Boston area during that time, feel free to come have a drink with us! And don’t you try to get us all liquored up to get some info on the story, Sam will go streaking before we leak anything.

We will release more details on the time and location soon.

Narrative Team


We are coming towards the end of our sprint, which of course means there’s nothing but tidying up a few loose ends…

…ah hah hah hah hah hah! We get ideas, you know, good ones. “Arthur gives a fellow some flowers” becomes “Arthur plays Cyrano de Bergerac”... and that means dialog has to be rewritten and re-recorded. But the sprint deadline does not move back, no, so it gets a bit frantic.

Recording does not sync well with sprints. Actors come in one hour containers, and a good actor can do on the order of 100-120 lines in an hour. A typical encounter has, say, ten lines for one actor. Many of them are ten lines for Arthur and ten lines for the NPC, so that’s all right. But Hoard House has, for example, about seven little old ladies; and no voice actor I know, not even the amazing Sammy Lee, can record seven little old ladies so that they sound distinct.

In other news, G did not cotton to Lisa and my idea for the epilog, so we wrote a completely new epilog, which I hope is at least as mythic and Neil Gaiman, but clearer and more in the voice of the game. You will get to see it ... eventually.

Art Team



In other news, I am working in my first location! It is a small cute little park and I did a small shed for it yaaay! The rest is still work in progress.


This week, I’ve finished a second shelter. This one was really cool to work on. I had to add some sci-fi elements to it while keeping this old bunker style.

Have a good weekend everyone!



You're never going to guess what I've been working on. Wait, did you say signs? Oh. Then, yeah, okay, you're pretty good at this. If you're anything like me, you're over Winter and could use a lil' floral pick-me-up to get in the mood for Spring. This park is not only full of flowers, but 100% Certified Downer-free! There will also be some Peepers for good measure, because you can never be too safe.




This week I kept working on house interiors and some very cool stuff for a special and secret encounter you guys should be hearing about soon!

Animation Team


Ahoy! Still milling through encounters animations, here’s a pot-pourri !



Greetings friends. In this week’s video, a peek at Nick Lightbearer’s peculiar state of mind!

In terms of progress, this is pretty much the level of polish that we’ll see for bigger “encounter cinematics”. You will notice however, that the facial animation hasn’t been generated yet. I still hope you’ll enjoy the show!

Have a great week-end.

Compulsion Team
  • I bought this game back in December because I finally had the money and I absolutely love it. I've been waiting to play for so long and I cant wait until the full game drops. I've replayed it about four times now and every time I start over it seems like the map changes? To be more specific this instance I restarted a few days ago and I can't seem to find the purple chest with pentagram around it and such that was in the crossroads. Also I seem to be having a bug with clever and brilliant traps. I make them or find them but then they aren't in my inventory anywhere or on the ground or anything. It also seems every time I cross the bridge into Raven holm and the very first one the game bugs out and boots me off. Also very confused because last time I was playing- the district with the plague had a house structure all fenced around with people barricaded in. You had to go in and disable traps and such and go through the dugouts but I absolutely cannot find it now. Is it gone? Another place was the half destroyed tower in the starting area with the chef behind bars downstairs and once you killed the guys holding him captive he would remain there and give you stew every day. I cannot seem to find that either. I haven't had these troubles before so I'm just curious. But I still am so in love with this game. Keep up the great work guys.
  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team

    That is correct! The game is procedurally generated, which means that every time you start a new game, the map changes.

    You also won't always see the same quests. Isn't that exciting? :)
  • That is so great! Thank you so much for the answer I think that's such an awesome aspect to this game. Keep up the good work guys. (:
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