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Senior Level Designer (Job Posting)

We're looking for another Level Designer to join our team.

The Position

We are looking for a Senior Level Designer to help us craft rich and unique player experiences on We Happy Few, an award-winning, dystopian 1960s survival game about escaping from a delusional English society that is completely obsessed with happiness.

As a Senior Level designer at our studio you will:
Create and craft dystopian narratives and gameplay in a rich, procedural world
Plan, play-test and integrate the work of talented artists and programmers
Help and mentor junior and intermediate Level Designers
Work with industry veterans (20+ years) in both design and programming.

We are working with the Unreal 4 engine; and are looking for someone who combines a strong technical know-how of our tools and pipeline with the creative capacity to craft rich, well-paced experiences.

The Requirements

You must be able to quickly assimilate our existing narrative, design and features to generate compelling moment-to-moment experiences that marry the game's narrative with its core mechanics. You are at ease working with all disciplines in game development.

Strong technical skills (working with Blue Prints and/or Scripting)
A good sense for layout, locomotion, player pacing and gameplay.
Be self-directed and self-motivated to learn on your own;
Creative minded; capable of designing narrative-rich experiences.
A team player; who can work closely with our programmers, scriptwriters, and artists.
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