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What are you playing right now?

NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
Soo many games lately!
What are you currently playing?

Currently I am juggling between Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Grim Fandango Remastered, Dying Light, Fantasy Life on 3DS and some GTA V from times to times (On PS4) if someone wants to play something my PSN is CaptScarlett :D

  • SamSam Compulsion Team
    Dota 2. I can't give it up, it's just so damn good. Also running through XCOM: Enemy Within on Classic Ironman. I'm on my 5th/6th attempt, it's driving me up the damn wall. So much more bloody difficult than the original!
  • I'm playing Black Mirror. I love that kind of atmosphere :)
  • JoshuaJoshua Compulsion Team
    So many games... Elite Dangerous(PC), Star Citizen (Not REALLY a game yet)(PC), The Legend of Zelda: A Link between worlds(3Ds), Dying Light(PC), Evolve(PC), DC Universe Online(PC), Heroes of the Storm(PC), & Far Cry 4(PC). Oh and The Order: 1886(Ps4) come Friday. So many games so little time. :P
  • GuillaumeGuillaume Compulsion Team
    @Sam you just needed a proper gaming rig. =)
    I'm playing Dying Light and Elite at the moment. Elite is kinda cool, though I've been feeling like I'm stretching its contents now. Looking forward to their upcoming updates. Just got into Dying light after seeing @Joshua rock'n it. A bit tired of Zombies (and more Zombies) but I do like the mechanics.
  • DefDef Member
    I've been playing Portal, Secret World, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo III and Jazzpunk a lot lately! I've also been playing through Bioshock 2. Eyeing Alice: Madness Returns and Among the Sleep to play through in the future haha
  • My active games right now are Plants Vs Zombies, Rogue Legacy (both Vita) and Contrast (PS4).
  • DingoScalesDingoScales Member
    edited March 2015
    Uhh currently: 3DS Majora Mask, Portal 2, The Evil Within, annnnd Element4l @Def Among the Sleep is such an enjoyable game and if you get the chance play it!
  • JDickJDick Compulsion Team
    I'm kind of a competitive gamer, never really got on the big scene although Sam, Josh and I actually did win a tournament for the game ACE (Arena: Cyber Evolution) made by our good friends at Spearhead Games, and it was a lot of fun!! :D

    Right now I'm playing 'Metro 2033' as well as 'the Wolf Among Us'. I'm also playing some LBP3 with my girlfriend here and there.

    To quench my thirst for competition though, right now I'm playing 'NHL 15' in HUT (division 1).
  • Man, way too much. I've recently been into Pokémon Crush Saga - erm - Pokémon Shuffle, and have been playing Hyrule Warriors fairly consistently since it came out. All dat DLC.

    Mostly though I've been working on a Final Fantasy Marathon for this year. Since 2015 started I've played and beat FF1 (first playthrough ever), FF2 (first playthrough ever), and FF3 (second playthrough - first time beating it). I'm currently in the middle of FF4 (also first playthrough ever). SO. MUCH. GRINDING.

    Currently PUMPED to get my hands on Ori and the Blind Forest and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and the FFXV demo next week. :D
  • Zotaku87Zotaku87 Member
    edited March 2015
    Oh, and good call on Among the Sleep, @DingoScales - another solid indie title! Contrast was hands-down my #1 top indie game of 2013, and Among the Sleep took that honor in 2014.
  • J Dick how are you liking the Wolf Among Us so far?
    Also @Zotaku87, I actually am waiting until next month to play Contrast so my friend can join me, but I'm looking forward to it! (your FF marathon looks like it's coming along pretty well congrats on making it through grinding)
  • JDickJDick Compulsion Team
    Hey @DingoScales, I love it! The atmosphere is very well rendered, and I enjoy Telltale's narrative design a lot, some choices in there are heavy! I'm just starting Episode 4 and I could hardly watch, they go so far sometimes, even in cellshaded they'll make your face twist!

    @Zotaku87, do you own a Final Fantasy collection? :) I'm just saying because I'm a big fan, I own most of the complete collection as well. I've spent so much time on FFVI and FFVII... I don't know if it will be your first time playing those two, but if it is, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did so many times!
  • @J Dick (by the way, your username is awful because we can't tag you properly with that dang space!) I don't have a proper collection - I'm buying and emulating games I didn't previously own as I work my way through. Previously I'd played but never completed 3 and 10, played and beat 7 (many, many times), 8, 9, 12, and 13, and never played 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 11, 14.

    I've heard the best things about IV and VI, and I'm really enjoying IV so far. I'm only about a dozen hours into it so far, but the characters are amazing.

    If you want to check it out a bit more, I've got weekly impressions and progress updates going up every Wednesday, and I live-tweet when I play, using the hashtag #RoadtoXVin15. I've got a central hub for all my progress RIGHT HERE.
  • Oh, and I got a new game for review yesterday that I've started playing too. I can't go into detail yet due to NDA, but let me just say you guys NEED to play Ori and the Blind Forest when it comes out. No joke.
  • @Zotaku87 thank you so much for introducing me to Ori and the Blind Forest. Did a little reading and it looks like it's going to be worthwhile.

    Any games you all want to play but haven't been able to?
  • I just finished playing Contrast (I know, I'm late...), now I'll try and finish Child of Light tonight, because tomorrow Ori and the Blind Forest is out and I absolutely wanna play it. Also on Unmechanical Extended atm, but waiting for a friend to catch up with the puzzles, so we can progress together.
  • JDickJDick Compulsion Team
    @Zotaku87 YES!!! All kinds of yes! Ori and the Blind Forest looks amazing, thank you for the share! There's almost like a little Miyazaki feel to it, I don't know, I like the mood. I'm always looking for a good sidescroller and this one might be right up my alley. But you know, they lifted their embargo tonight, so whatever you wanna share with us... ;)

    And that's a neat project you got going on with FF, I like the way you update your playthrough for your followes. I'll keep an eye out for sure! Any thoughts on streaming?
  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
    I have been waiting for Ori and the blind forest for such a long time and it's finally here! (well, tomorrow)
  • @JDick I have thought of streaming, yes, but I have zero experience with it whatsoever. I also don't have a capture card, and wouldn't even know where to begin with what kind to get, how to run it, or any of that stuff. Total novice. If you've any tips or pointers, I would happily take them. :)

    As for Ori, my review should go live this weekend - but honestly, just get it. It's a solid 9/10 for me, teetering on the edge of that fabled 10. Just amazing. And this is coming from a guy who typically doesn't get into platformers.
  • JDickJDick Compulsion Team
    Try asking @Joshua, he's the streaming guru over here, look him up! :)
  • Playing GOG release of Outlaws in Wine.
  • Ridiculously addicted to Counter Strike: Global Offensive and PAYDAY 2. Brilliant cooperative games!

    If you're looking for someone to play, add me on Steam! :D
  • SamSam Compulsion Team
    A few of us in the studio are playing Pillars of Eternity. Spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate 2, which got me so excited that I backed it on Kickstarter. Went in completely blind, haven't read a thing about it.

    So far, it's great! It's totally got the BG2 vibe, with some of the frustrating parts of the game removed. I barely understand a damn thing about it, so fairly sure my party/character builds are going to be shit, but I'm optimistically quite excited about how it'll play out.
  • lucigenlucigen Member, WHF Friends & Family
    Given that League of Legends has brought back U.R.F. mode (i.e. very short cooldowns, no mana, full insanity), I'm playing that for now. I'm also a long time World Of Tanks player, so that's a regular occurance. Mixing it up with Helldivers on PS4. ID: lucigen if anyone wants to play!
  • compulsioncompulsion Administrator
    edited April 2015
    @lucigen come to the dark side. Dota is for true fans of the moba genre.

    Dota is love. Dota is life. /twitch.

    If you don't mind me asking, what's the appeal of World of Tanks? Is it pretty much like Battlefield, but with way better tank combat? It's the kind of thing I could be into, but I just haven't ever tried playing.
  • few of us in the studio are playing Pillars of Eternity. Spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate 2, which got me so excited that I backed it on Kickstarter. Went in completely blind, haven't read a thing about it.
    Just started playing Pillars of Eternity too. It's great.
  • lucigenlucigen Member, WHF Friends & Family
    @compulsion actually i just got a key to Heros of the Storm so that'll be the next moba title I try

    World of tanks isn't really like battlefield tanks at all. I'm not sure what the draw is tbh, but something about the geometry of fire (angling tanks increases effective armor which can lead to a bounce which is 0 dmg), understanding the strenghts and weaknesses of your tank, and your opponents so you can play the map in a way that you take advantage of the mismatches is really fun for me. Its also the only game I can say I am very good at, so that's fun too :)

    I think overall its just like a more strategic, less twitchy shooter where you don't respawn. This is tends to balance out player skill as a player who is doing well and has been in several skirmishes has probably taken significant damage so no 1 player can run away with the game.

    Its also tanks, and since there are pictures of 7 year old Lucigen standing in a tank museum surrounded by massive armor, I feel like my decision was made to play the moment I heard about it.
  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
    @Lucigen I got one too! I am going to fail miserably because I am not used to Mobas but I want to know how it plays and I love Kerrigan!
  • Now playing Half-Life.

    Yes, I know, I'm more than a decade late.

    I'm debating whether to play Half-Life 2 for fear of joining the "We want Half-Life 3!" bandwagon.
  • I'm loving Life is Strange, just wishing I could play it all at once instead of waiting so long for each episode. :(
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