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Theory About Miss Thigh Highs

Hey, it's me! It's been a while, but I'm back, and I'll probably be more active on here now that I'm getting around to playing WHF (will be slow going until I get a more powerful graphics card). I just had a theory I wanted to discuss because nobody else seems to be wondering about this possibility at all and, right or wrong, I just want to throw my two cents out there on this theory. It concerns Miss Thigh Highs.
Obviously we don't know much about the two other playable Downers and how they tie into Arthur's story/adventures in Wellington Wells. But while watching gameplays I've been trying to pay careful attention to Arthur's journal logs-a pretty hard thing to do since most people are either not interested in lore or skim over it. One of the most consistent things I keep reading about since the E3 demo and onwards is a friend of Arthur's named Sally. He talks about the two of them often sneaking off to the movies or the Garden District, and describes her as being pretty different from other girls (i.e. doesn't like flowers). But one of the things that caught my eye was a journal log when you pick up Sally's toy car under a tree in the Garden District. He talks about how they'd go there to smoke, and she'd make up stories about the two of them being spies-they're practically Avengers-type fantasies, complete with catsuits and sword umbrellas (I remember reading somewhere that Emma Peel was one of a few inspirations behind Miss Thigh Highs).
This got me thinking-what if Sally is Miss Thigh Highs?
Of course, I could be wrong-and this is totally dependent on the assumption that she's a spy. But so far this is the only theory I've been able to think up that makes any sense. If Miss Thigh Highs is a spy (which seems to be the unanimous opinion among fans), then her spy stories with Arthur are a clear and early indication of her aspirations for espionage. Another interesting thing is in a journal log after the house of hallucinogenic mushrooms quest, Arthur writes that he could put the hallucinogenic extract to multiple uses, "even if I'm not Sally". This could indicate that she was already starting to develop some useful skills for working in the field. This also plays into another idea I got-Arthur talks about getting into trouble with "the Salamander". Unless that proves to be a different person altogether, couldn't that have been a nickname/"code name" that either Sally assigned herself or Arthur made for her (and vice versa-she could've assigned him/he could made a "code name" for himself). And if she is a spy, maybe the messages on the phone booth are related to her somehow? She could be the voice giving the "personal messages". Or in a build during September this year, there was a man's voice who repeatedly said, "Number Nine.....Number Nine.....Number Nine.......Number Nine......." in an almost questioning voice, like he was expecting an answer. The first conclusion I jumped to when I heard that was that he was calling out an agent's number. What if Sally/Miss Thigh Highs is Number Nine, she somehow went MIA, and whoever she's working for is trying to make contact with her again?
I know that's a lot to think about and it might not be right, but that's honestly the best theory I can come up with. It just doesn't make sense for Arthur to be going on about Sally unless she has a significant role in his story outside the journal logs. Plus if Arthur knows Ollie when he first sees him (vis a vis the PAX demo ending), who's to say the same can't be said with Miss Thigh Highs?
I've clearly been thinking too much about this :P But let me know if you agree or have any other theories on Miss Thigh Highs and/or Sally!
Also, merry Christmas! ^^
  • Interesting theory, don't forget that the name Enigma was in the theory board which could possibly be another name for her, I never thought of the toy car and Sally being our mysterious third character, awesome! Compulsion is so freaking good at coming up with these stories
  • octoocto Member
    I did read (I think on the kickstarter page?) that all the characters stories were interconnected, so I think the whole "miss thigh highs = sally" theory makes a lot of sense!

    I don't know if I'm as convinced about the phone booth messages, but that would be a fun twist if you end up being correct!
  • Went into the Chemist today and took note of what he said in relation to Miss Cheney's dealing in illegal substances: 'Sally Boyle doesn't work here any more'.

    Interesting, if you consider the fact that Miss Thigh Highs appears to be carrying a syringe. I reckon you're right about the connection.
  • @iateapenguin Ooooh, interesting!
  • @ArtzDeeva I love your theory! and I agree.

    Do you agree that she is a chemist? I WOULD LOVE THAT (My Bf is a chemist and he would love to play with Sally's character)
    I can't wait to play with her aswell
  • @SamNiet Yes, I agree she is a chemist! (went over a couple clues indicating this in one of the other theory threads) I'm really curious as to what she's doing though. She's clearly not working for the main chemist in the Village of Hamlyn anymore. Does she have some kind of agenda going on? Did she join a Resistance after going wakey-wakey? I know a lot of people, myself included, initially thought she was a spy, but even if she isn't, I still feel like she's probably up to some kind of sneaky business around Wellington Wells. I'm really curious about what Arthur's reaction will be like when he and Sally cross paths again in the main story. While he gives some details about their relationship, it still leaves me with plenty of questions. He talks about how he always wanted to escape Hamlyn Village, and the adventures he and Sally had together seem to have brought out the more daring side in Arthur - a side we're currently seeing as he struggles with surviving as a Downer. The fact that they both went Downer before (eating mushrooms under the tree in the Garden District) is very interesting.
  • Since writing the last comment I've come across a BUNCH more evidence. Sally crops up all over the place in the new update, make sure you follow every quest, read every journal entry and note, etc. and you'll notice she's everywhere
  • @iateapenguin Yeah, there's no doubt in my mind now that she's Miss Thigh Highs. I can't play the game yet (don't have a powerful enough computer), but I've been scouring through gameplays, and she is indeed everywhere. Probably the two quests with the biggest point outs to her are the Mrs. Cheney quest (as you said a couple of comments ago), as well as the Nick Lightbearer/Church of Simon Says quest (his diary and lyrics mention her several times-seems like she may have been giving him experimental drugs). On top of it all, sometimes you can find a picture of Sally herself in a random Wellie's house!
    I'm really curious to know what Arthur thinks about her after coming across all these little mentions. And I know he hasn't said anything probably because the writers and developers are keeping him spoiler-free about both of his fellow Downers. But it's clear at the Walkabout Quest with his mum that he's trying to remember more about Sally as well as the past in general. Considering the close friendship they had (I hesitate to call it anything more without assuming too much), he'd definitely have some kind of reaction to the things she's been doing or the mentions of her name throughout Hamlyn Village.
  • AdwelAdwel Member
  • How do you say the third character is called Ollie? I'm from a source?
    @mefionir it was in one of the previous placeholder endings, where you needed to get to the train station to finish the game. The screen would go black and there'd be a short dialogue, in which Arthur referred to the guy as Ollie.
  • MY FRIEND! I FORGOT MY PASSWORD TO SECRETEXTRACT AND FORGOT ABOUT THIS FORUM FOR A WHILE! I'm glad you're continuing on on this theory! I'll see what stuff I can get and acquire any leads to Miss Thigh Highs
  • How Does It Feel To Be Right, Artz?
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