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What is your favorite movie?

NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
And why is it Mad Max: Fury Road ?

  • OtherbuttonsOtherbuttons Member, Moderator, WHF Friends & Family
    Coraline, by far. Such gorgeous stopmotion, fantastic style, and amazing characters!

    I also have a lot of love for Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
  • shmerlshmerl Member
    edited May 2015
    Favorite film? Hard to say. Probably Lord of the Rings trilogy and Blade Runner.

    About Mad Max. Damnation Alley (the novel) was earlier and set example for the genre. Fallout and Wasteland games were influenced by it as well. From such films I also like Waterworld:

    UPDATE: This music by James Newton Howard reminded me this now too (Dream by Jerry Goldsmith):

    Books by Philip K. Dick made some good films :)
  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
    @shmerl You are truly a cave of wonders, you got me very curious about Damnation Alley, I love the genre.

    My favorite movie would be 28 days later.
  • shmerlshmerl Member
    @Naila: Damnation Alley is a short post apocalyptic classic by Roger Zelazny, surely give it a try.
  • shmerlshmerl Member
    edited May 2015
    A cover from one of the editions:

    Shamed to admit, coralline. But the reason is, I saw it third grade and all my life it is the only thing to have ever terrified me to the point of sleeping with a nerf gun despite the fact it would literally do jack crap.
    Also because it is stunning on a visual scale and that the music is awesome ( and by awesome I mean TERRIFYING)
  • OtherbuttonsOtherbuttons Member, Moderator, WHF Friends & Family
    At least you understand a NERF gun won't do jack. My housemate's been trying to ward me off from his room with a NERF and furbies since he found out I cosplayed the Other Mother. It is sort of working, but it's a massive gun let me tell you.

    The real trick is a smile a day keeps your Other Mother away.~

    IN all seriousness though on the second point, Bruno Coulais' music is so magical and unique and it really made that movie.
    Fun fact that they were going to have They Might Be Giants (one of their singers voices the Other Father's singing voice) do the soundtrack, but they decided against it. Here's one of the released unused songs.
  • shmerlshmerl Member
    edited May 2015
    Kung Fury is out:

    And if you missed that, an epic music trailer for it was published a while ago:

  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
    @shmerl Ha! A friend of ours is in that movie (Julian Maroda, CEO of the game studio Norsfell), he is the guy at 0:29 that says "Catchy Tune"
  • My favorite movies are "The Shawshank Redemption", "Forest Gump", and "The Grand Budapest Hotel".
  • gradetracygradetracy Member
    edited June 2015
    Kung Fury is the best 2015 movie really :D
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • "The Shadow" (1994) and of course "Mad Max: Fury Road".
  • I just saw this and thought it was funny and reminded me of We Happy Few ;)

  • Iris_LockspurIris_Lockspur Member, Moderator
    edited August 2016
    My favourite movie is probably one of the most obscure films from the 80s you'll ever hear about. But it's Clue. Yes, Clue; the movie based on a board game that featured three different endings. While it didn't fare well in theatres, it's developed a pretty dedicated cult following and I absolutely love it. It's got an all star cast with the likes of Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd and so many others. Not to mention one of my favourite film soundtracks. IT's just a lot of fun, definitely try and give it a watch if you can find it.

  • Wow, Clue! I had forgotten all about this movie. Another great Tim Curry movie is Legend.
  • My favorite movie is 'Taken'.
  • fromthewoodsfromthewoods Member, Moderator
    edited August 2016
    @shmerl That Damnation Alley poster immediatly reminded me of Akira. I have never read any science fiction even tho i love the genre, because i have problemz. I'll be sure to check that one out. I love apocalyptic anythings.

    Thats a good one. But i have a thing for documentaries, i think my favorite movie ever might be Home.

    As for actual movies, i really like Enter the Void, but it is real heavy stuff.

    And for more lighthearted ones i really enjoy movies involving kids like:

    Electrick Children

    and La faute à Fidel!

    Sorry, if i were to pick only one i would never post.

    Dammit, forgot about Stalker.
  • My favorite is K-PAX (2001)
  • Currently, Mine is Baby Driver because the movie is full of catchy phrases, nice shots, some good acting and an awesome Soundtrack . I do agree that the first shot a bit clumsy but with possibly better than average plot line this childish teenager like rad movie can go to look-a-like boring never-ending series like fast and furious or step up franchise.
    If you have not seen it Yet, Here you Go:
    You can thank me later
  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team

    I saw it last week and have been listening to the soundtrack ever since! Great movie.
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