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The "Walkabout" quest

It says that I should follow the ghost, but I can't because it'snot moving ...
  • ClementClement Member, Compulsion Team
    Thanks for the feedback.
  • *Bump* same here!
  • Bump same here
  • a month later
  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
    edited September 2016

    The Ghost is still glitched, but I've been told that if you shove her a few times she will start walking.
  • Actually she went walking for me, took me a half a block- block away to a 'dig up' spot, and told me to save the world. I dug up 2 power cells. This is before I had opened/used any bridges.
  • tectec Member, Moderator
    On Xbox One 30263 I completed the quest with no apparent issues.
  • Still not moving for me. She never moves for me.
  • Okay. But how do you get enough of the mushrooms to hallucinate ?? I only have about 5 and can't find anymore and I lost the ghost when I sobered up.
  • My ghost moves but flies into a derilct building and won't move from out of it. Shoving her before she flies in has no effect.
  • Same; ghost flies into the building, but sort of lower, and she just... doesn't really move after that... Don't know what to do with her. What's funny is that everyone else talks about this encounter glitching, but this never happened to me (playing on XBox) 'til the update. Oh well; at least I know what Arthur's mom is meant to talk about :')
  • LeeLee Member, Compulsion Team
    Hi there,

    This is a known issue on the latest public build. Since we changed world generation to be more varied, the ghost can get stuck when flying over water or flying into buildings. We will be addressing this for the 1.0 release of the game.

  • she seems to go back and forth from the road to the mine field bulding
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