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We Happy Few is LIVE!

NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
Hey everyone!

We are glad to announce that We Happy Few is now LIVE on Xbox One Game Preview, Steam Early Access and Games in Development! You can also pick it up on the Humble Store.

To celebrate, here is a brand new gameplay trailer!

We hope that you enjoy spending time in Wellington Wells and we look forward to your feedback, stories and screenshots on our forums.

To all of our Kickstarter backers, supporters and friends, thank you!
  • To everyone who worked hard to get this game into our hands.....THANK YOU!!!!
  • HidudeHidude Member
    That trailer makes me even more excited for the soundtrack. That music in the ending along with Uncle Jack's laugh just gave me chills.
  • I have been playing since the game has released and I have to say I LOVE this game seriously the people who worked on this THANK YOU the game is brilliant and I cannot wait to explore more but first I need to find a power core to get to a certain place again lol stupid permadeath
  • ZhuzhaZhuzha Member
    Bought it the moment it became available, only then to realize I don't have enough RAM (even though I should have). Well, time to sulk, while I wait for my computer to get upgraded.

    Seriously though, congratulations! Can't appreciate the game in all it's glory yet, but based on the trailer, you did a fantastic job!
  • I totaly missed the release, shame on me! :D
  • Congrats to the team on the launch, and thanks for your ongoing dialogue with the community during this early build stage! :-D
  • On xbox it says i can buy it for $30, does that basically mean it is the alpha with no rime limit? If so i would buy it.
  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
    Hey @Cory240,

    Yes it means you get the game with no time limit and also once the game is fully finished. It is like buy the full game but in advance.
  • shmerlshmerl Member
    Congrats! Looking forward to the full release and Linux version.
  • Hi there I've been playing we happy few for a short while and I was kicked out of the game and it says I've come to the end of my time will I i be able to start up again because I haven't finished previewing the game I would really like to back into it so i can give a good preview
  • When is 1.0 going to be released? I know there's no date yet but is it going to be released soon or is it still under heavy development?
  • SamSam Compulsion Team
    @11chris22 I'm afraid that you were playing the 45 minute trial. To play further, you'll need to buy the game.

    @Made4GameZ 6-12 months from now. Still under heavy development :)
  • mattXmattX Member
    So by buying the $30 preview, will I still need to purchase the game when it is fully developed and released? Or are we essentially grandfathered into the full game?? (Downloading 45 minute trial atm :D)
  • If the game already live for Mac? Or is that to come when the full game comes out? I cannot wait to play!
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