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Congratulations on Kickass Torrents going down!

Just a bit less than a week before the release of We Happy Few and one of the largest torrenting sites goes down!

This is sure to boost sales for the game as people won't be seeing it there :) So congratulations guys! I really hope all goes well for the launch of early access :)
  • SamSam Compulsion Team
    Hey, thank you :) But I think we'd all rather deliver something that people don't want to pirate, rather than worry about people who do.
  • Well, I can tell you, you guys definitely did that for me. But there will always be cheeky people looking to get something for nothing and you guys deserve all the dollars you can get from all the hard work I've seen come from this project :)
  • GuillaumeGuillaume Compulsion Team
    Hey Raiden.

    People crack games, and then they share them. In fact, It's known that I myself got my very start in the demo-scene, a scene dedicated to cracking and sharing games illegally in the late 70s and 80s. But we already share updates freely and DRM-free. We are not afraid of the piracy scene. We simply believe we can make games you guys (and gals!) are willing to pay for, so that we can keep making great work.

  • Alright then and thanks for the reply. You guys are awesome and I look forward to playing We Happy Few and your future works! :)
  • " We are not afraid of the piracy scene. We simply believe we can make games you guys (and gals!) are willing to pay for, so that we can keep making great work."

    I tip the hat to you for not being afraid of Pirate scallywags. From what I have seen of WHF, I would gladly pay top dollar for it. I have been waiting for something like this ever since playing Bioshock. The void the lack of Ken Levine's creative direction has left these past years has been a hard one to fill. Every dystopia looks the same, and there is no sense of humor in any of it. When I saw gameplay footage of WHF and began to hear whispers about the story, I was hooked. It looks unhinged, people on happy drugs wearing face paint, unaware of their horrifying reality, it is like "1984" and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" met in an alley behind an english pub and got into a knife fight. The check is in the mail good sir.
  • fromthewoodsfromthewoods Member, Moderator
    edited August 2016
    Wow, im so happy with these responses! Congratulations! Im even happier to be contributing in early acess now.

    The message is sent. Id like to leave my 2 cents here and say that a lot of people really cannot pay for a lot of games. Where i live a triple A game at launch costs almost 1/3 of the minimun wage :O

    For instance, im a fan of the Thief series, i have been playing Thief 1 and 2 for a long time but ive just bought these games a couple of years ago when i first had any extra money to spend, and these were very very cheap games. Now i dont need to pirate any games any more, but there was a time when those were all i could play. I also try to buy most my favourite games that i used to play, in the form of psOne classics or on steam.

    And i was never in a bad financial situation compared to others in my country. Most people have it way worse. I assure you that most people that pirate something they enjoy would much rather pay for it. Piracy should be called something else :)

    I'm not saying "i just want to get this for free douchebags" dont exist. I just dont believe they are a majority. Ofc i could be completely wrong here.
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