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DOOM4 : Anyone play ?

Aaron0562Aaron0562 Member
in General Ranting edited May 2016
Hello guys. I am noob in DOOM. I was want to wait Overwatch. It was changed after i watch a video made by my best friend. He was join DOOM last Friday. I need to say it is better than i thought. I was beat by it, So i change my idea and get it from scdkey today. I cant stop to play it for 5 hours. It is so crazy that i cant stop. But i have little problem now. Should i have two games together or only play DOOM ? I dont think i have money for the two games but i got one now. Another one i cant get it now ? Or anywhere i can get it free ? Anyone can help me ? Because these two games are great game in my mind.
  • shmerlshmerl Member
    edited May 2016
    I'm impressed that they plan to release Vulkan based version. Unfortunately it's not available DRM-free, so I'll skip it. From shooters I'm waiting for Shadow Warrior II. Where else will you find a death metal charged rabbit?-)

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