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Feedback on a scene render

I feel like I am spending more and more time on this forum, i have decided to start living beside the pancake supply in the shed out back.
Anyway I got bored and want to do something in the 3D world so I whipped up this Asylum and threw in a couple of lights.
This maybe took me maybe 3 days to model and an hour to light and I was wondering for some feedback.

Fael Light Test
Link for Plebs

Also I am taking bartending school at the moment and wanted to make a We Happy Few drink.... I was thinking something colorful and .... liquor-y as well as a Contrast drink (probably something darker and mysterious with a unique aftertaste.
So i will make some creations (and take ideas) and try them out and post pictures and recipes.
What is your favourite Alcoholic Beverage and i will try and incorporate some things :D

Thanks guys and gals
  • OtherbuttonsOtherbuttons Member, Moderator, WHF Friends & Family
    I feel like there's something in the lighting that makes it too contrasted and dark in the middle, especially with the red light piercing it. Perhaps ease it up a little? Or smooth it into one another a little more gradually. The actual models themselves look gorgeous though! I'm impressed.

    also i feel like it wouldn't be a We Happy Few drink unless it made you high... joking though, please don't put drugs in it. Perhaps you could do that cool colour mixing thing where the drink resembles the rainbow road? That would look so damn cool. Something fruity and pleasant to drink?
  • VinceVince Compulsion Team
    edited May 2016
    Hey there! I like the nice grungy textures in there. I'm not a pro artist or whatever, but from what I learned in 3D lighting, you probably want to add another faint blueish light to make it look dark, but not entirely dark. Unless it's really what you're going for.

    And as a level design rule, the player, or spectator, is always drawn to sources of light. I feel it's missing something at the end of this hallway to actually catch the attention, on the other side of that door, or on the other side of a window in the farthest door. It would make you wanna go there and find out what is this light, you know... Make it more compelling.

    As for drinks... I'm not much of a drink guy myself, sorry ;)
  • Iris_LockspurIris_Lockspur Member, Moderator
    I would have to agree with @Vince on the bit about players being drawn towards lighted areas. From an art standpoint this is a big thing as well, really. So the breakup in the red light really throws that off a bit, with the big lighted section being on the right without anything really connecting it to the doorway. Also, seeing how the window in the door has bars going across it but not seeing those bars on the light is a bit odd. Maybe have a complete projection of the light along the back doorway leading back to the source.

    And if that's a doorway behind it, with the windows, maybe add some sort of backlighting? Nothing bright or eye-catching, just enough to make it clear that those are windows and there's possibly something behind it. Unless, of course, you are trying to shroud that area, in which case just focus on the light from the doorway.
  • fromthewoodsfromthewoods Member, Moderator
    Hello there, i am not any sort of artist and dont do any modeling, but i do enjoy spending time on Polycount and Gameartisans to see things people create and the feedback they get.
    One thing that caught my eye immediatly were the very white walls. It makes me think: how do these worn down walls looks so clean? The wear on the texture looks great. I think adding some dirt as a bit of colour to them would feel better. Again this is just an amateurs opinion.

    As for the drink i'll say this: Wellies party like they are tequila high.
  • RaptorAttackRaptorAttack Member
    edited October 2016
    1) I love the artistry of the scene, there has been a lot of attention to detail put into this and it shows.
    2) if you are looking for an easy way to make a minor improvement it would be minor particles falling through the red light in the window.
    3) As a previous Bar worker a single drink comes into mind; in both colour and effect.

    4 pint pitcher Ice.

    4 x 25ml shot of Vodka
    2 x 25ml shot of Martini
    2 x 25ml shot of Taboo / Peach Schnapps
    1 x 25 ml shot of White rum
    1 x 25 ml shot of Blue Curacao

    1 pint of cheap energy drink
    1 pint of Orange Juice
    1 pint of flat white wine

    Stirred and served into four tall glasses, it is luminous green getting lighter towards the top.

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