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Oh hi! You are here already?

Yeah, okay, let's start this game, steam's first time run setup.

Well, I have some time to introduce myself while Steam is running the first time run setup for We Happy Few.

I'm Daniël, a 19-year-old gamer and (retro)game collector from the Netherlands, also known as Kasagon.

Telling you a little secret, I did play We Happy Few already, I did download the game a little bit less legally (version 29020), but I did enjoy the game so much that I just bought the game!

I love seeing the updates the team is making, and I love how the game has been setup, I love the whole idea behind the game and it is a really unique experience!
Hopefully the team will bring us those beautifull updates and fix the bugs that still are in the game, and maybe even more important, I hope they will listen well to the community!
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