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problem with bioshock 1 tonic collector achievement

snowballs2010snowballs2010 Member
in General Ranting edited March 2016
i have been doing everything right to get the tonic collector achievement for the game and still not getting the achievement i have been doing it for a week now i dont know what else to do can someone please help me with this thank you i think there might be a bug in getting this achievement can some let me know if there is thanks
  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team

    I moved this thread to the Off topic sub forum. As per your question, I found this online, I hope it's helpful :)

    "First of all, there are only 53 Tonics in the whole game, so you have to get every single one.

    UPDATE: 2013-08-05
    1. There are different statements regarding the DLC Tonics counting towards this achievement. Some say they do count, others say they dont. For your own safety, try to get all the original tonics.

    2. I've marked the tonics that people claimed to be missable. Unfortunately I can't tell you at what point these become unobtainable as I haven't played this game for such a long time. I got them all in one go, so I'd say they are hard to miss if you watch out for them.

    Original Story:
    -9 are earned as Research rewards
    -8 can be bought from Gatherers Gardens
    -3 can be Invented at U-Invent
    -3 are earned as Gifts for rescuing Little Sisters (you need all 18 to be saved)
    -the other 30 are scattered throughout the whole game (check if you got them all before leaving a level to minimize backtracking)

    I will now list the tonics in order they appear in the game:

    Welcome to Rapture:

    Medical Pavilion:
    -Hackers Delight
    -Wrench Jockey
    -Speedy Hacker
    -Static Discharge
    -Security Expert
    Buy at Gatherers:
    -EVE Link
    -Armored Shell 1

    Neptunes Bounty:
    -Medical Expert
    -Shorten Alarms
    -Wrench Lurker
    -Focused Hacker
    Gatherers: -Extra Nutrition

    Smugglers Hideout:

    -Security Evasion (missable)
    -Hacking Expert
    Gatherers: -Human Inferno

    Farmers Market:
    -EVE Link 2
    -Photographers Eye

    Fort Frolic:
    -Alarm Expert
    -Extra Nutrition 2 (missable)
    -Medical Expert 2
    -Electric Flesh
    -Frozen Field
    Gatherers: -Hacking Expert 2

    -Frozen Field 2
    -Security Evasion 2
    -Damage Research
    -Shorten Alarms 2 (missable)
    Gatherers: -Wrench Lurker 2

    Rapture Central Controll:

    Olympus Heights:
    -Clever Inventor
    -Electric Flesh 2
    Gatherers: -Speedy Hacker 2

    Apollo Square:
    -Medical Expert 3
    -Focused Hacker 2

    Point Prometheus:
    -Safecracker 2
    -Alarm Expert 2
    -Hackers Delight 3
    -Damage Research 2
    Gatherers: -Human Inferno 2

    Proving Grounds:


    Research Rewards:
    -Scrounger (Leadhead Splicer Level 2)
    -Static Discharge 2 (Leadhead Splicer Level 4)
    -Sportboost (Thuggish Splicer Level 2)
    -Sportboost 2 (Thuggish Splicer Level 4)
    -Natural Carmouflage (Houdini Splicer Level 2)
    -Extra Nutrition 3 (Spider Splicer Level 4)
    -Photographers Eye 2 (Rosie level 2)
    -Security Expert 2 (Security Bot Level 2)
    -Wrench Jockey 2 (Bouncer Level 2)

    Little Sisters Gifts:
    -Safecracker (after 6 saved Sisters)
    -Armored Shell 2 (after 12 saved Sisters)
    -Profilic Inventor (after 18 saved Sisters)

    U-Invent (credit to HolyHa1fDead)
    -Hackers Delight 2"
  • SamSam Compulsion Team
    edited March 2016
    @snowballs2010 I should also add, we moved this because we did not, in fact, make Bioshock ;)
  • Best forum responses ever, lol.
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