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Happy Halloween!

Svengo42Svengo42 Member
in Fan Art, Cosplay, Fiction edited September 2016
From the moment I saw the trailer at E3 a few months back I knew what I wanted to be for Halloween.

To all you Wellies, Downers and to the workers who bust their butts on this game I say Happy Halloween!

Excuse the edits and screw ups, I'm doing this on my phone...
  • I can't figure out if I did this wrong but trying to do anything on a phone sucks. If this goes somewhere else please comment and I'll fix it tomorrow (which is what I'm going to try to do with the pictures).
  • HorrorshowHorrorshow Member, Moderator
    Damn, you look AMAZING! And that mask is just perfect!
  • Finally figured out how to make the images appear but the main post wont let me edit so this is the best I got haha!

    ">photo 20160928_204654.jpg

    ">photo 20160928_204304.jpg

    ">photo 20160928_204334.jpg
  • Ohhh, looks great !! The mask looks pretty nice too !
  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
    Wow! You look amazing. The glowing eyes are an amazing touch!
  • There's a light I put inside the mask to help light up the eyes or they just look really dark (brown eyes will do that to a gal). If anyone wants to know how I made any of it or where I got the stuff let me know. Amazon played a huge part. I've never made a mask before so I'm glad it turned out well.
  • OtherbuttonsOtherbuttons Member, Moderator, WHF Friends & Family
    The cosplay is top-notch but oh my god all the little details in this make me giddy! ♥ Especially how you've lit up the contacts; as a brown-eyed cosplayer I understand the pain. ;-;

    Also, dat mask. Spot on!
  • How'd you make the mask?
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