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Mystery House: Spotted = Instant Death!?

I was maybe about 17 game days into a Normal Difficulty/Perma Death game when I tried the mystery house. For the record, I HATE the mystery house, I can never seem to do it correctly, I usually just get the cloth for the treehouse merchant and leave. Well, this time I was determined to do it right. I had on a suit of blending, sneakers, purchased all the stealthy perks from the tree house shop and moved super slow in a crouching position. I still got spotted, over and over but at least this time it TPs you to outside the house, not back in my safehouse, so I got to try again.

The bug:
- I tried to do the quest 3 or 4 times that night. The last time I was spotted, out of nowhere I was dying! I had started with nearly full health and no other negative statuses that I was aware of, yet somehow getting spotted dropped me to blinking red dying and In the middle of the "you've been spotted" animation I couldn't take any actions to apply healing so I died on the spot. This was such a waste of time and I rather ruins this quest that is really not fun because of how terribly difficult it is.

Other encounter feedback:
- Now this new TP method puts you in front of the Mystery House instead of your safe house also put you in a high level of danger of getting attacked instantly by plagued walkers the second you reappear! One of the times I was spotted and TPed out of the house I was ambushed and got the plague almost immediately. There either needs to some sort of grace period where you can get reoriented for a second before getting spotted.

- Sometimes after getting spotted, sometimes the cultists wouldn't reset to their normal positions or paths making it even more difficult to sneak around.
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