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Svengo42Svengo42 Member
in Introduce yourself edited September 2016
Ollo to all! My name is Amanda, im 32 and I'm from Upstate NY. I was watching E3 and saw the We Happy Few preview and was hooked. I bought it right away without reading much else about it.
I already owned Contrast and didn't even put two and two together with Compulsion being the maker of both. I really like Contrast but We Happy Few is my favorite between the two.
I'm a huge fan of the Fallout Series to the point where my house is decorated and I have a tattoo. We Happy Few is the first game I've come across in a very long time which has actually gotten me to set aside playing Fallout for longer than a day.
I look forward to seeing more from the wonderful folks at Compulsion and to see what sort of fun things this community will post!
Until next time!
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