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BonBon's Art Corner

BonBonBonBon Member
in Fan Art, Cosplay, Fiction edited September 2016
I was bored over the weekend and decided to make some concept art which I kinda took from the original, I just added some hairstyles, a new outfit, and some weapons that can hopefully go in the game. I hope the devs see this and I would love feedback from them and the community too!

  • I hope double posting isn't a rule, but I also made an HP chart, I read the journal and it stated that they were tired with the current NPC HP system.

  • Meet Sue the Wastrel, I found her wandering the streets of the garden district. I met her on Day 5 of my playthrough and she was just adorable... besides when she kept saying Oedipus tore his eyes out and vanilla doesn't work ,other than that she was just the best
  • Wow, I love your designs! I hope they get implemented into the game during future updates!
  • OtherbuttonsOtherbuttons Member, Moderator, WHF Friends & Family
    I imagine double posting in your own thread should be fine. ♥ I don't think there's a rule on it anyway, just don't do it ridiculously etc. (although as said, in an art thread like this, it should be totally fine).

    I am in love with that sketch at the end. It's got a very animated feel to it.
  • Thanks! I'm glad you liked them!
  • I'm open to request btw, if you find any interesting characters I'll be happy to draw them!
  • I loved how this came out, @horrorshow for requesting the female protagonist

  • HorrorshowHorrorshow Member, Moderator
    Absolutely stunning!
  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
    @BonBon <3 So pretty! I can't wait to share more about that character :)
  • @Naila Thank you so much, I can't wait either!
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