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Thoughts on Fan Fiction?

I've been working on a piece of fan fiction for the past 6 months. And I've been wondering if it'd be worth posting it? It's been hard to write a piece of work when there isn't much on the actual world of We Happy Few. But it would be shame for it to go to waste. Another question I have, how does Compulsion feel about fan fiction? I know they are super supportive of fan art (which is great!!) I just know that some people aren't too keen on fan fiction about their work.

Thanks! :)
  • AlexAlex Compulsion Team
    You are welcome to write and post all the fanfic you like here! If we get a lot, maybe we'll make a forum section just for that.

    As the writer of most of this, I have no objection at all to fan fiction. Your story about Arthur does not change my story about Arthur. The movies of Lord of the Rings does not change the books of Lord of the Rings. I'm mashing up fairy tales and legends and cultural archetypes and whatnot all the time. Hell, my novel's about the half-sister of King Arthur (The Circle Cast). A great story is a story that gets told in each generation, in a way that makes sense to that generation. The Once and Future King does not diminish Le Morte d'Arthur.

    All of which is fancy talk for sure, go ahead.
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