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When I was a kid you had to go to an arcade with a pocket full of ten pence pieces to play video games. I would play an Atari F1 racing car game - and wish I were able to leave the track and drive off into the hills. During my lifetime, the technology has developed, such that now I'm sat on my sofa at home, driving into the hills of some alien planet - getting shot at by the indigenous population, and it's awesome. Or, in this case - dying of hunger or thirst three steps from the front door of my bunker, in a alternate retro 1960's cartoon version of Britain. It's easier getting shot at.
  • Love the update. The play seems smoother, and I'm not so hungry all the time. Had to start over but, worth it!
  • Slight issue with the inventory. Items don't seem to re-arrange themselves automatically - and there's no facility to move them manually. Have to drop items to create four holes together.
  • Sorry, there is. Use A button to move items manually.
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